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Tchaikovsky, Arensky

Today we released Amsterdam Sinfonietta’s Tchaikovsky, Arensky. Available now as Disc & Download on this website! The international release date is September 27, 2019.

Tchaikovsky’s Serenade is one of the most beautiful of all works for string ensemble, and it has been frequently performed by Amsterdam Sinfonietta since its establishment in 1988.

Arensky wrote his Second String Quartet in memory of the composer, with whom he was befriended. His homage overflows with melancholy and dark tone colours. The middle movement, based on a song by Tchaikovsky, was later arranged by Arensky for string orchestra.

Amsterdam Sinfonietta took upon itself to arrange and perform the entire Second Quartet. In Tchaikovsky’s footsteps, Arensky made use here of religious chant and motifs from Russian folk music.

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