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The first-ever Channel Classics LP is Available Now

The Limited Edition LP of Rachel Podger and Brecon Baroque’s Vivaldi: Le Quattro Stagioni is available now! ?

As many of the Channel Classics supporters and fans may expect: if we were to go vinyl (this is our very first!), Jared Sacks would make sure it was done right. Specifications: 180 grams | 12 inch. Master cutting by Pauler Acoustics (Germany) and the replicating of 1.000 Limited Edition copies at Schallplattenfabrik Pallas GmbH (Germany). Our Distributors will be releasing the Vinyl edition worldwide over the next 1-2 months. Right now it is exclusively available here at

We have created 3 different prices, depending on where you live. Because LPs have to be sent as parcels (not envelopes like we use for CDs).

Vinyl & Baroque lovers, enjoy!

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It’s Raining Reviews for The Four Seasons!

During the release week of Rachel Podger & Brecon Baroque: Vivaldi – Le Quattro Stagioni, we already have 5 reviews to share with you!

Financial Times “Rachel Podger, violinist and director of Brecon Baroque, performs the work with a select group of eight musicians, one to each part. So far from sounding spartan, this releases a freedom and buoyancy in the playing that is quite delightful.” 4 stars

The Sunday Times “Rachel Podger’s Midas touch makes even a warhorse such as Vivaldi’s Four Seasons sound fresh-minted. She and her Brecon players see these concertos not as orchestral but as chamber music. Yet there is no lack of power in the big tuttis when the Spring dances are interrupted by downpours or the Summer storm breaks into balmier weather. This Vivaldi has an improvisatory quality, making you listen with cleansed ears.”

Presto Classical “What a treat to listen with fresh ears to Rachel Podger’s delightfully straightforward but unstintingly imaginative new recording with Brecon Baroque, which uses just eight musicians to breathe affectionate new life into scores that have fallen victim to familiarity’s notorious tendency to breed contempt.” Recording of the Week

AllMusic “Podger and her musicians produce a remarkably colorful performance, and fill out the rest of the album with three more violin concertos, Il Riposo per Il santissimo Natale, L’Amoroso, and Il Grosso Mogul, which give new listeners a chance to explore less familiar Vivaldi. Channel Classics recorded this album in St. Jude’s Church, London, and the resonant but unobtrusive acoustics contribute to the group’s vibrant sound. Highly recommended.” “Here we have a fresh, uplifting account of Vivaldi’s ubiquitous masterpiece performed impeccably by one of the world’s finest period violinists and recorded in state-of the art sound.” Performance: 5 stars | Sonics (Stereo): 5 stars | Sonics (Multichannel): 5 stars

Have you heard this recording yet? You’ll find free 60 second mp3 samples of each track & the SACD / Downloads on the album page