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TEASER! Rachel Podger’s Vivaldi – Le Quattro Stagioni (The Four Seasons)

We invite you to listen to this teaser track from:

Vivaldi – Le Quattro Stagioni
by Rachel Podger & Brecon Baroque


Track in the Video: L’Inverno / Winter – II. Largo
Brecon Baroque:
Marcin Świątkiewicz, Johannes Pramsohler, Sabine Stoffer, Jane Rogers, Alison McGillivray, Jan Spencer, Daniele Caminiti

Producer Jonathan Freeman-Atwood:
“Working with Rachel Podger and Brecon Baroque has been an object lesson in starting anew and identifying the ingredients which make ‘Le Quattro Stagioni’ great works. Virtuosity is non-negotiable here and Rachel has it in abundance. But it’s the colour, poetry, vibrancy and evocative characterisation of weather, human warmth and fragility, captured by the dynamic flux of Rachel interlocking with her colleagues in Brecon Baroque, that deliver near-unimaginable qualities in this music.”

Listen to the track here (plays on YouTube, opens in a new tab).

NL/JAPAN – March 23rd, 2018
Rest of World – April 20th, 2018