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Super Artists in Super Audio Vol. 6

Florilegium, Netherland Chamber Choir, Paolo Giacometti, Amsterdam String Quartet, Holland Baroque, Budapest Festival Orchestra, Frommermann, Jorgen van Rijen, Gary Cooper, Reinild Mees, Dejan Lazić, and more..

Bach, Schumann, Haydn, Muffat, Rossini, Ellington, Wagenseil, Jianfen, Rachmaninov, Caplet, Veloso, Shostakovich, and more..

SKU: SEL5509

Year of release: 2009

Bach-Cantata 03:55
1. Non sa che sia dolore Bach 03:55
2. Bach-Six Motets Jesu Meine FreudeGute Nacht Bach 05:34
3. Schumann Davidsbundlertanze op 6-Wild und lustig Schumann 03:08
4. Haydn String Quartet op 64 no 6-Allegro Haydn 04:03
5. Muffat-concerto VII-Deliciae Regum Muffat 01:49
6. Rossini String Sonata in G-Allegro Rossini 02:47
7. Holland American Line-It don't mean a thing Ellington 02:58
8. Wagenseil-Concerto in E flat major-Allegro Assai Wagenseil 04:13
9. Haydn-sonata in C Haydn 04:09
10. Chinese Lieder-Mama in the Candlelight Jianfen 03:05
11. Rachmaninov Concerto no 2 Adagio Sostenuto Rachmaninov 03:57
12. Caplet-a la Francaise-Meijer Caplet 04:23
13. Veloso-Michelangelo Antonioni Veloso 03:18
14. Shostakovich Concerto nr 2-Allegretto Shostakovich 05:11
15. Bach-Meine Freundin du bist schon Bach 03:01
16. Mozart-Sonata in F kv 377 Tempo di Menuetto Mozart 02:14
17. Dowland-Sir John Smiths his Almaine Dowland 02:55
18. Farrenc-Trio op 45-Scherzo Farrenc 04:45
19. Mahler-Symphony no 4-Ruhevoll Mahler 05:22
Total time: 70:58

About this album

In presenting our 6th SACD sampler, Channel Classics can look back at an exciting 8 years since the introduction of Super Audio CD technology. Many people think that SACD’s have had limited success in the commercial market but I see more releases from more labels with each passing month. In the end the high quality of this format (together with the backward compatibility) is a deciding factor against all other forms of listening. We have selected 19 tracks which we feel are most representative of our past years releases. These are placed in a random order so that every release has its own distinct flavor. Enjoy!C. Jared Sacksdirector/producer/recording engineer

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Technical Specifications

Recording Type Bit RateDSD64