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Super Artists in Super Audio Vol. 5

Budapest Festival Orchestra, Dejan Lazić, Florilegium, Katona Twins, Paolo Giacometti, Pieter Wispelwey, Reinild Mees, Rachel Podger, Tang Jun Qiao, Amsterdam Sinfonietta, Johannette Zomer, and more..

Beethoven, Scarlatti, Bach, Vivaldi, Rossini, Dvorak, Elgar, Mozart, Traditional, Shostakovich, Lambert, Haydn, and more..

SKU: SEL5108

Year of release: 2008

1. Beethoven-Symphony no 7-Poco Sostenuto Beethoven 05:23
2. Scarlatti-Sonata in C major K 420-Allegro Scarlatti 04:43
3. Bach-Cantata-Aria -Wie Freudig ist mein Herz Bach 02:16
4. Vivaldi-Trio Sonata in B minor-Allegro Vivaldi 01:47
5. Rossini-Quatre Mendiants Les Noisettes Rossini 03:42
6. Dvorak Concerto for Cello in b minor-Allegro ma non troppo Dvorak 04:55
7. Elgar-In Haven Capri Op 37 No 2 Elgar 01:38
8. Mozart-Sonata in G k9 Andante Mozart 02:40
9. Cun Jolly Meeting-Tang Jun Qiao Traditional 02:29
10. Shostakovich-String quartet no 2no 4 Allegretto Shostakovich 04:03
11. Lambert-Ombre de mon amant Lambert 03:47
12. Haydn String Quartet Op 76 no 1 Menuetto Presto Haydn 02:59
13. Brahms Cello Sonate in F minor nor 1-Andante un poco adagio Brahms 05:02
14. Tug at China's Heartstrings-Riddel Guessing Traditional 03:37
15. Paganini-Cantabile Paganini 02:29
16. Bach-Mass in b minor-Missa Quoni am tu solus Sanctus Bach 04:48
17. Caldini-Sonatina in Quartetto op 65-F-Disco Rondo Caldini 03:00
18. Bassani-Missa Encarnacion-Kyrie Bassani 03:43
19. Strauss-Josephs Legende Joseph and the angel stride onwards Strauss 05:28
Total time: 68:39

About this album

(…) Is like a breath of fresh air in every respect. This is one of the most immediately inviting multi-channel recordings I’ve heard, full of effortlessly crafted, tonally grateful detail and conveying a fine sense of an aptly scaled acoustic. Gramophone (…) Boasting vividly truthful sound and admirable balance (audiophile’s sound make a beeline to the SACD equivalent), this classy Channel Classics release has already afforded me heaps of stimulation and pleasure. Gramophone (…) you won’t be disappointed by the excellent sound, which gives vivid life to the theorbo selections and perfectly balances voice and instrument in an intimate acoustic setting. Classics Today (…) listen to the SACD version, which has a more detailed and finely of the wonderful playing to be found on the standard cd release. Classic FM (…) Channel Classics’ sound on this Hybrid Super Audio CD is truly super, its full-featured dynamic range and clarity lending impressive realism to an unusual and well-produced program that easily stands out among the dozens of new Christmas recordings. Classics (…) Masterful choir singing absolutely captivated and surrounded me in a multichannel wonder. Audiophile Audition (…) This superb recital, aided by a crystal-clear SACD recorded sound (even on a conventional cd player), is the perfect place to make its acquaintance. (…) terrific performances in matching surround sound. (…) International Record Review

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Technical Specifications

Recording SoftwarePyramix
Recording Type Bit RateDSD64
Recording EngineerJared Sacks
ProducerJared Sacks
Mixing BoardRens Heijnis Custom made
MicrophonesBruel & Kjaer, Schoeps
Mastering EquipmentB&W 803 diamond series
Mastering EngineerJared Sacks
Digital ConvertersGrimm AD
Cablesvan den Hul