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Super Artists in Super Audio Vol. 3

Florilegium, Bart Schneemann, Pieter Wispelwey, Amsterdam Loeki Stardust Quartet, Alfredo Marcucci, The Gents, The Netherlands Bach Society, Ebony Band, Van Rijen, van der Velden, Dejan Lazić, and more..

Anonymous, Lebrun, Gubaidulina, Handel, Mores, Duruflé, Beethoven, Bach, Revueltas, Telemann, Krol, Corkine, and more..

SKU: SEL3705

Year of release: 2005

1. Anon-Allegro Anonymous 01:23
2. Lebrun-Oboe Concerto nr 3-Rondo Allegretto Lebrun 06:31
3. Gubaidulina-The Canticle of the Sun Gubaidulina 04:33
4. Handel-Suite in G-Gigue Handel 01:02
5. Mores-Taquito militar Mores 02:32
6. Durufle-Requiem Libera me Duruflé 05:53
7. Beethoven-sonata in C Beethoven 02:40
8. Bach-St John Passion-Die Kiegsknechte aber Bach 03:42
9. Revueltas-Homenaje a Frederico Garcia Lorca Revueltas 04:10
10. Telemann Quator no 3 in G-Modere Telemann 04:15
11. Krol-Capriccio Finale Krol 09:50
12. Corkine-A Pavin Corkine 03:21
13. Durufle-Notre Pere Duruflé 01:45
14. Schubert-Moments musicals-No5 in f minor-allegro vivace Schubert 02:08
15. Mozart-Sonata in F-Andantino cantabile Mozart 05:06
16. Caccini-Amarilli mia bella Caccini 02:48
17. Widerkehr Sonate nr 3-Adagio Widerkehr 03:09
18. Tchaikovsky-Symphony no 4-Scherzo Tchaikovsky 05:35
19. Bach-St John Passion-Er nahm alles wohl in acht Bach 01:14
Total time: 71:47

About this album

Channel Classics is fully committed to the Super Audio CD format because we believe that offering the highest quality of surround sound recordings to the public is a logical answer to the changed circumstances in the recording industry. One thing’s for sure: Channel Classics is making the best sounding SACDs on the planet at the moment. Gorgeous in stereo, these performances have even more presence and sparkle in the multi-channel format, with wholly natural balances and a discrete use of the rear speakers to give just that added bit of depth.(Classics Today) 
And the multichannel sound here is so magnificently executed that even skeptics who find the whole surround thing too gimmicky will have to take notice. C. Jared Sacks’ multichannel sound is as tasteful and unobtrusive as it gets. Even after listening to this SACD for weeks, I still find myself getting up to put an ear to one of the rear speakers to reassure myself that something was indeed coming out. The stereo SACD version is excellent, with virtually none of the top-end softening that some hear with DSD encoding. But switch to five-channel, and the vocalists move forward in front of the speakers and become corporeal presences. Subtle room cues become more audible. Not to be missed.(High Fidelity, Anthony Quint) 
(…) This superb recital, aided by a crystal-clear SACD recorded sound (even on a conventional cd player), is the perfect place to make its acquaintance.(International Record Review)
(…) Their playing takes in a strikingly wide dynamic range and a meticulous observance of markings. The opulent recording allows plenty of detail to be heard within an ambient acoustic, especially on the excellent SACD mastering. (…) Gramophone

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Technical Specifications

Recording Type Bit RateDSD64