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Side by Side

Laura Polence

Laura Polence, Traditional, Jamelao

SKU: JL008

Year of release: 2018

1. Viena Pati Dveselite - Part I Laura Polence 03:39
2. Viena Pati Dveselite - Part II Laura Polence 02:23
3. Viena Pati Dveselite - Part III Laura Polence 02:57
4. Side by Side Laura Polence 02:03
5. You're Right Laura Polence 04:01
6. Short Summary Laura Polence 03:52
7. Counting Frogs Laura Polence 02:57
8. Sometimes I Find A Sometimes Laura Polence 01:47
9. A Thought From Your Reality Laura Polence 02:22
10. Mosen' Zeileit' Viesti Nesa Traditional 05:05
11. Esta Melodia Jamelao 03:54
Total time: 35:04

About this album

To me and to many others, 2017 was a year of changes, doubts, questions, ends and new beginnings. A stormy year. The recording of this album was a summary, closure of that year and a big step into something new.

Having played together with Lennart and George in different bands and various formations for many years, allowed us to prepare for the recording in 3 days. We spent 3 days in the studio. So a week later all the music I had composed over a few months was captured in an extremely short time and ready to be released.

All tracks on this album are recorded in one take, all musicians playing together in the same space. This space was the beautiful Studio150, Bethlehemkerk in Amsterdam.

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Technical Specifications

Mastering EngineerJared Sacks
EditingMerging Technologies Pyramix
Recording FormatDSD 256
Analog To Digital ConverterMerging Technologies Horus
Recording DateJanuary 2018
Recording LocationStudio 150 in Amsterdam Noord
Recording EngineerJoeri Saal
ProductionJonas Sacks