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In The Name Of Bach


Georg Christoph Bach, Johann Ernst Bach, Wilhelm Friedemann Bach, Johann Christian Bach, Johann Bernhard Bach

SKU: 9096

Year of release: 1996

1. Geburtstagskantate Siehe, wie fein und lieblich ist es' Georg Christoph Bach 06:17
Sonata in F Major 13:31
2. Allegro Johann Ernst Bach 05:54
3. Arioso Johann Ernst Bach 02:55
4. Tempo di minuetto Johann Ernst Bach 04:41
Adagio & Fugue in D Minor 08:14
5. Adagio Wilhelm Friedemann Bach 03:05
6. Allegro Wilhelm Friedemann Bach 05:08
Songs from 'Sammlung auserlesener Fabein, I' 17:57
7. Die ungleichen Freunde' in G Major Johann Ernst Bach 05:41
8. Die Unzufriedenheit' in E Major Johann Ernst Bach 03:29
9. Der Affe und die Schäferin' in C Major Johann Ernst Bach 04:19
10. Der Hund' in D Major Johann Ernst Bach 04:27
Duetto for Two Flutes in E Minor, Falck 54 08:58
11. Allegro Wilhelm Friedemann Bach 03:02
12. Larghetto Wilhelm Friedemann Bach 02:44
13. Vivace Wilhelm Friedemann Bach 03:11
Quartetto in G Major, André, Op. 2 16:30
14. Allegro Johann Christian Bach 11:43
15. Rondo Allegretto Johann Christian Bach 04:46
from Ouverture in D Major 03:16
16. Passepied 1, Passepied 2 Johann Bernhard Bach 01:50
17. La Joye Johann Bernhard Bach 01:25
Total time: 74:46

About this album

The Bach family has for a long time been the focus of genealogical research. No other musical family of German origin has spanned so many generations and produced such highly talented performers as well as composers of the highest order. From very early on, the family seems to have adopted the position of propagators of musical tradition. LS. Bach’s reference to his children as ‘born musici’ illustrates the strength of this tradition. The reasons for such an unusual concentration of musical talent are perhaps rooted in sound musical education, passed down through the various family members, especially the males. These members took the responsibility of training others in the immediate circle, as well as distant relatives, and this tradition remained strong in later generations. The Bach solidarity was probably achieved by several factors: self-sufficiency, extreme professionalism, guild-like regulation, intermarriage and strict religious observance, creating very close unity in the family, and thereby cementing social status and a self-propagating musical lineage. The members of the Bach family selected for this recording are represented in the simplified family tree. (page 2) Undoubtedly, the most famous among them was Johann Sebastian; however, this disc concerns itself with the five composers in italics in order to illustrate the incredible worth of his lesser-known relatives. Three out of seven generations are represented with some wonderfully rare and unusual compositions which are seldom performed and even more rarely recorded.

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Musik & Theater

(...) Was diese bunte Mischung macht ist die untadelige Leistung des jungen Ensembles. Przision und Musizierfreudigkeit sind die eine Seite, profunte Kenntnisse der historischen Auffhrungspraxis die andere. (...)


(...) Florilegium has established itself as one of the preeminent groups to be heard in 18th-century repertoire. (...)

Hervormd Nederland

(...) Voor de keus van deze nooit, of bijna nooit gespeelde maar soms buitengewoon interessante Bachstukken, niet dan lof. (...)


(...) played with elegance and charm by these artist (...) (...) varied and enjoyable entertainment (...)

Select Music

(...) Florilegium's fiery performance triumphantly reveals the music's ingenious design and expressive flamboyance, highlighting both the work's touching homage to brotherly love and its jubilant celebration of the Bach family's astonishing musical. (...)

The Recorder Magazine

(...) The result is astonishing (...) (...) it features beautiful music that you're unlikely to have heard before, played superbly by this young and vibrant ensemble. (...)

Classic FM Magazine

(...) This is an attractive family album with surprises in store for all but the most assiduous followers of this extraordinary musical dynasti. (...)


(...) Florilegium geeft op deze cd een prachtige bloemlezing van vrijwel onbekende Bach-telgen. (...) (...) Altijd zijn de instrumenten goed in balans en blijven de frasen goed gearticuleerd, zonder mechanisch te worden. (...)


(...) Tout est savourer dans ce disque parfait, la magnifique adagio et fugue de Wilhelm Friedeman, les 'chansons' delicieuses de Johann Ernst, le quatuor de Johann Christian. Et bien d'autres merveilles. Et Catherine Bott est incroyable.

Fono Forum

(...) Die Interpretation alles Stcke hat hohen Rang. (...)


(...) Dertig hoogtepunten in ruim vijf minuten (...) (...) De manier waarop de leden van Florilegium de werken op deze cd uitvoeren, getuigt opnieuw van een grote muzikaliteit, die door de prachtige opname een gouden randje krijgt.


(...) Lensemble Florilegium nest plus prsenter: en trois disques, dont deux en compagnie du violoncelliste Pieter Wispelwey, il sest fait une place de premier ordre dans les orchestres dinstruments anciens, grce un son gnreux et ensoleill, et une vivacit prcise et quilibre. (...) (...) Un disque au programme rare, subtil, enthousiaste.


(...) Florilegium musiziert mit viel Lebendigkeit. Catherine Bott singt die Fabeln des Bach-Vetters Johann Ernst hinreiend.


(...) a Bach family anthology featuring three members of the clan whose music seldom finds its way into record catalogues. (...) (...) Florilegium, corporately and individually, play the music with heartfelt expression and a sensibility that mirrors the stylistic idiom. (...) (...) In summary, this is varied and enjoyable entertainment, well off the beaten track (...)

Technical Specifications

Digital To Analog ConverterSony
Mastering EquimentSony DAE 3000
Mastering EngineerBert van der WolfS
Mixing ConsoleRens Heijnis
MicrophonesBruel & Kjaer, Schoeps
Recording Formatpcm 44.1
Analog To Digital ConverterdCS900
Recording DateNovember 995
Recording LocationForde Abbey, Somerset, England
EditingBert van der Wolf
Recording EngineerBert van der Wolf
ProducerTed Diehl