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Pictured Air

Amsterdam Loeki Stardust Quartet

Chiel Meijering, Peter-Jan Wagemans, Dick Koomans, Karel van Steenhoven, Tristan Keuris, Bart De Kemp

SKU: 8996

Year of release: 1996

1. Een Paard Met Vijf Poten Chiel Meijering 05:33
2. Kwartet Peter-Jan Wagemans 05:32
3. The Jogger Dick Koomans 04:16
4. La Chanteuse Et Le Bois Sauvage Karel van Steenhoven 07:23
5. Passeggiate Tristan Keuris 10:59
6. Lieto Bart De Kemp 06:48
7. Sitting Ducks Chiel Meijering 07:50
Total time: 48:24

About this album

Pictured Air We are pleased that a certain amount of pioneering work since playing the first chords together has eventually resulted in this release. Raised in the tradition of early music interpretation where Renaissance composers were trained in handling the characteristic possibilities of a recorder ensemble, the contemporary compositions often confronted us with concepts, techniques and ideas that were not always on good terms with a balanced musical performance. The composer who could not lean on tradition sometimes encountered the limitations of the instrument rather than its specific possibilities even with the refreshing experiments with sound and playing techniques from the sixties in mind. Therefore we feel fortunate to have worked with many of them and after having exchanged ideas were able to develop a sophisticated soundscape. Another fortunate element proving to be of invaluable importance was the opportunity to playing the recorded works for audiences all over the world, getting as close as possible to the basic nature of a composition. Where compositions after 1990 seem to be less experimental the inquisitive listener will realise that only the field of renewal has changed. Using a more traditional background and notation, composers show more interest in the inside musical elements. Integrating and refining the discoveries of the sixties, composers open up new ways in formal structure, musical gesture and inner balance of the composition.

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Technical Specifications

Digital To Analog Convertersony
Mastering EquimentSony DAE 3000
Mastering EngineerBert van der Wolf
Mixing Consolerens Heijnis
Microphonesbruel & Kjaer, Schoeps
Recording Formatpcm 44.1
Analog To Digital ConverterdCS900
Recording DateOctober 1995
Recording LocationMuziekcentrum Frits Philips, Eindhoven, The Netherlands
EditingBert van der Wolf
Recording EngineerBert van der Wolf
ProducerTed Diehl