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Chinese Lieder

Reinild Mees, Jingma Fan

Qingzhu, Qiufeng, Yuanreng, Zhuang, Zhongrong, Traditional, Sha, Jianfen, Ge

SKU: 80908

Year of release: 2009

1. My Sentiment To The Yangtze River Qingzhu 02:19
2. Homeland Nostalgia Qiufeng 02:43
3. How Can I Not Miss Her Yuanreng 03:55
4. The Moon Reflection Zhuang 02:47
5. Emei Mountain Air Zhongrong 01:28
Tristesse At The Yangguan pass 05:13
6. Tunes Of Guqin Traditional 05:13
In The Silvery Moonlight 03:09
7. Tatar Folk Song Traditional 03:09
8. The Sorrowful Shepherdess Sha 04:05
9. Mama In The Candlelight Jianfen 03:07
Gaolita 02:29
10. Xinjiang Folk Song Traditional 02:29
A Loverly Rose 03:05
11. Kazak Folk Song Traditional 03:05
Swallow 01:47
12. Kazak Folk Song Traditional 01:47
Mayeela 04:58
13. Kazak Folk Song Traditional 02:27
18. Kazak Folk Song Traditional 02:30
The Running Stream 02:55
14. Yunnan Folk Song Traditional 02:55
15. Mongolian Madrigal Traditional 02:22
16. Grassland Serende Ge 03:51
17. Mama In The Candlelight Jianfen 03:12
19. Homeland Nostalgia Qiufeng 02:39
Gaolitai 02:47
20. Xinjiang Folk Song Traditional 02:47
Total time: 59:00

About this album

As an opera singer born in China, I have enjoyed a 15-years career singing abroad. During this long period, I have experienced the highs and lows of traveling, singing, and simply surviving. Much of time I was on my own and was sometimes very lonely. Often I was overcome with acute nostalgia for the beautiful Chinese melodies that I remember from my childhood. I thought many times how much I would love to present them to the West. As a full time singer performing in Western operas in Europe and North America, I had little opportunity to work on sharing my native music with the world. But now that, between concerts, I am often back in China, I have had time to properly prepare this great music, to sift through songs and make good selections.

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(…) The SACD recording has plenty of extra acoustic information from Eindhoven's substantial Frits Philips concert hall. This is a location which proves as good for chamber music as for symphony orchestra however, and the sound and balance are well up to Challenge's usual top quality. With full text and listings in Chinese characters, and Channel Classics' "Channel of China" label variant it is clear that the company is targeting a growing market overseas. With this fine product as a calling card I'm sure they will do very well indeed


Dominy Clements

Jingma Fan has plenty of colour contrasts in his voice to be able to conjure impressions of tenderness and passion, even when one can understand the words. The SACD recording has plenty of extra acoustic information of Eindhoven's concerthall. This is a location which proves as good for chamber music as for symphony orchestra however and the sound and balace are well up to Channel's usual top quality.

Opera News

"... there is pleasure to be had here. Fan states his intent to slenderize his operatic voice to make it more appropriate to the demands of the music. He does so to a degree but retains the lovely spinning legato inherent in his instrument. "

International Record Review

(…) Jingma Fan won the third Cardiff Singer of the World competition, and has since performed all over the world in numerous operatic roles. His is a secure and expressive tone, with a fairly tight and rapid; what the Dutch would call 'strak' vibrato. He has plenty of colour contrast in his voice to be able to conjure impressions of tenderness and passion, even when one can't understand the words. As can be seen from the titles, the songs are mostly about nostalgia and romantic longings set in beautiful landscapes and countryside. Reinild Mees is a skilful and sensitive accompanist. (…)

American Record Guide

(…) more than just a novelty; it_s an effort to bridge the musical expressions of east and west. If you want to expand your cultural horizon, this is a good chance to do so


Reinild Mees

Technical Specifications

Recording SoftwarePyramix
Recording Type Bit RateDSD64
Recording LocationEindhoven Holland
Recording EngineerJared Sacks
ProducerJared Sacks
Mixing BoardRens Heijnis custom made
MicrophonesBruel & Kjaer, Schoeps
Mastering EquipmentB&W 803 diamond series
Mastering EngineerJared Sacks
Digital ConvertersMeitner AD/DA
Cablesvan der Hul