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Drastic Measures

New Century Saxophone Quartet

Russell Peck, Jan Pieterzoon Sweelinck, Harald Genzmer, Caryl Florio, W. A. Mozart, Jean Françaix, Edward C. Barroll

SKU: 5994

Year of release: 1994

Drastic Measures 10:04
1. Poco adagio, molto espressivo Russell Peck 05:06
2. Allegro Russell Peck 04:58
3. Fantasia Jan Pieterzoon Sweelinck 08:01
Zweites Quartett für vier Saxophone 15:21
4. Allegro Harald Genzmer 03:42
5. Amabile, Tranquillo Harald Genzmer 04:32
6. Intermezo Harald Genzmer 03:04
7. Allegro Harald Genzmer 04:02
Quartette (Allegro de Concert) 05:47
8. Andante Caryl Florio 01:56
9. Allegro Caryl Florio 03:51
10. Zwölf Variationen in C, K 265 W. A. Mozart 13:33
Petit quatour pour saxophones 07:18
11. Gaguenardise Jean Françaix 02:45
12. Cantilène Jean Françaix 02:32
13. Sérénade comique Jean Françaix 02:00
14. The Piggly-Wiggle Edward C. Barroll 02:45
Total time: 62:53

About this album

Since completing his studies with Ross Lee Finney and Leslie Bassett at the University of Michigan, Russell Peck lb. 1945), has won the Koussevitsky Prize in Composition and honors from the Ford Foundation, the National Endowment for the Arts, and several state arts councils in the U.S.A., and has served as composer-in-residence of the Indianapolis Symphony. His music (which includes a concerto for tenor saxophone), has been recorded and performed by fifteen major orchestras in America, as well as the London Symphony and the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra in Great Britain. ‘Drastic Measures’ (1976), contrasts a lyrical opening followed segue by a rhythmic closing ‘Allegro’ movement. The work draws considerably on pop and jazz influences, especially the funky ‘Allegro’, which is built on a twelve-bar blues bass-line. Peck interjects a reminder of the quiet opening before ending the piece with a tutti flourish.

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(...) The Quartet combine great technique and elegant musicianship with a wonderful sense of chambermusic. (...) This is an enjoyable release, nicely recorded and impressively performed.


(...) ....dit is een schitterende cd, met prachtige bewerkingen en een fenomenaal spelend New Century Saxophone Quartet (...)

Technical Specifications

Digital To Analog ConverterSony
Mastering EquimentSony digital Editor 3000
Mastering EngineerJared Sacks
Mixing ConsoleRens Heijnis Custom made
MicrophonesBruel & Kjaer, Schoeps
Recording FormatPCM 44.1
Analog To Digital ConverterdCS900
Recording DateFebruary 1993
Recording LocationResnswoude - The Netherlands
EditingJared Sacks
Recording EngineerBert van der Wolf
ProducerJared Sacks