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Works Of Toyohiko Satoh #2

Alba Musica Kyo

Toyohiko Satoh

SKU: 4692

Year of release: 1992

1. Fuki no Kyoku Toyohiko Satoh 02:58
2. Impromtu Elegiac upon Fuki no Kyoku Toyohiko Satoh 09:47
Tawamure Uta 06:24
3. Kompira fune-fune Toyohiko Satoh 01:33
4. Tôryanse Toyohiko Satoh 02:24
5. Tenten temari Toyohiko Satoh 02:27
6. A-L-I-C-E (dedicated to Mrs. Alice Parkinson) Toyohiko Satoh 05:01
7. How Sweet is Mortal Sovranty! Toyohiko Satoh 04:00
8. Rockedy (written for Rocky Mjos & Ed Martin) Toyohiko Satoh 06:04
9. How Sweet Sour Music Is Toyohiko Satoh 03:36
10. Hommage à Weiss Toyohiko Satoh 08:08
Total time: 46:01

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(...) No one else is expanding the lutes technique, eloquence, and repertoire the way Satoh is. No one should miss out on this fellow.

Technical Specifications

Digital To Analog ConverterSony
Mastering EquimentSony digital Editor 3000
Mastering EngineerBert van der Wolf
Mixing ConsoleRens Heijnis Custom made
MicrophonesBruel & Kjaer, Schoeps
Recording FormatPCM 44.1
Analog To Digital ConverterdCS900
Recording DateAugust 1991
Recording LocationDoopsgezinde Kerk Haarlem, Holland
EditingBert van der Wolf, Tom Peeters
Recording EngineerBert van der Wolf
ProducerBert van der Wolf