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WorthWeill Originals

Marine Band of the Royal Netherlands Navy

Strauss, Beethoven, Mendelssohn, Bruckner, Hindemith, Schonberg, Weill

SKU: 42019

Year of release: 2019

1. Variations on "Wilhelm von Oranien" Strauss 05:11
2. March in C major for military band, WoO 20 Beethoven 04:20
3. Nocturno in C, op. 24 Mendelssohn 09:22
4. Military March in E-flat major, WAB 116 Bruckner 03:05
Symphony in B-flat for concert band 16:38
5. Mvt 1: Moderately fast, with vigor Hindemith 06:38
6. Mvt 2: Andantino grazioso - Fast and gay Hindemith 05:14
7. Mvt 3: Fugue Hindemith 04:46
8. Theme and variations for wind band, op. 43A. Theme - 7 Variations - Finale Schonberg 12:18
Little Three-Penny-Opera for Symphonic Winds 21:34
9. I. Overture Weill 01:51
10. II. Ballad of Mack the Knife Weill 02:01
11. III. Instead-of Song Weill 02:00
12. IV. Ballad of the Easy Life Weill 02:52
13. V. Pollys Lied Weill 02:35
14. VI. Tango - Ballade Weill 02:36
15. VII. Army Song Weill 02:46
16. VIII. Dreigroschen-Finale Weill 04:49
Total time: 72:31

About this album

On ‘WorthWeill Originals‘ you hear German-Austrian gems of original compositions for military band. The first volume of works for military band by the Marine Band of the Royal Netherlands Navy on Channel Classics – Rimsky & Co: Originals –  received 5 stars in BBC Music Magazine: “Astonishing clarity of sound and texture thanks both to a crack ensemble and the superb recording. Brilliant, effervescent discoveries.” 

Conductor Major Arjan Tien tells us more about this 2nd Volume, WorthWeill Originals: “Embarking on a series of recordings of classical originals for symphonic wind band is an adventurous quest. We decided to compile German-Austrian gems on this second volume, illustrating the development and expansion of the symphonic wind band of nearly one and a half century: from Beethoven (1810) to Hindemith (1951). Richard Strauss composed “Variationen über ‘Wilhelm von Oranien’ “ in 1892. The former principal conductor of the Marine Band of the Royal Netherlands Navy, major Pieter Jansen, rediscovered this work in the archives of the Royal House of the Netherlands in 1999. It became our National Anthem in 1932, but the melody dates back to at least 1572. Another work on this CD that was published only twenty years ago is the beautiful and virtuosic Nocturne by Felix Mendelssohn-Bartholdy. Two marches by composers no less than Beethoven and Bruckner, should naturally be included on a CD by a military band, representing a different and lesser-known part of their repertoire. We conclude our journey with three twentieth century German- Austrian giants: Paul Hindemith, Arnold Schönberg and Kurt Weill. Interestingly, their works on this album were all composed in the United States, where all three of them spent time during the course of their careers.”


Aangenaam Klassiek

(…) Een cd die bewijst dat de Nederlandse blaastraditie op het allerhoogste niveau staat.

De Volkskrant

(...) Verrassing volgt op verrassing, van een lichtvoetige Beethovenmars tot welluidende variaties van beroepsontregelaar Arnold Schönberg. (...)


(...) Een bijzondere cd van een dito gezelschap (...)

Military bands are common, some are good, few are better. The Marine Band of the Royal Netherlands Navy clearly belongs to the latter category, as listening to this new release will amply confirm. (…) here we are dealing with the equivalent of a full-blown symphony orchestra, albeit that for obvious mobility reasons strings are replaced by wind instruments. (…) This DSD digital file sounds superb! Lifelike, full of detailed information, without any hint of congestion nor distortion, and mastered with a well-judged surround.

De Gelderlander

Geen twijfel mogelijk: majoor Arjan Tien en zijn mariniers timmeren mede dankzij Channel Classics goed aan de weg. (...) Wederom mag van een voltreffer worden gesproken. (...) De selectie uit de Dreigroschenoper van Kurt Weill swingt en prikkelt aan alle kanten en toont voor de zoveelste keer de veelzijdigheid van dit orkest.

Klassieke Zaken

(...) Een cd die bewijst dat de Nederlandse blaastraditie op het allerhoogste internationale niveau staat. (...)

MusisWeb International

(...) Wind bands are not everybody’s cup of bromide tea but don’t be put off: this is a thoroughly entertaining and well produced disc, with some true rarities.

Nederlands Dagblad

(...) blaasmuziek die het ‘hoempa’ - gehalte verre overstijgt (...) de Marinierskapel weet er wel raad mee.

Opus Klassiek

Majoor Arjan Tien verdient vijf sterren voor een cd die een prachtig portret schildert van de Marinierskapel, schitterend gespeeld, avontuurlijk geprogrammeerd en voorbeeldig toegelicht en opgenomen. Saluut!

Technical Specifications

SpeakersGrimm LS1
Mastering EngineerJared Sacks
EditingJared Sacks
CablesVan den Hul (3T)
Mixing ConsoleRens Heijnis, custom design
MicrophonesBruel & Kjaer 4006, Schoeps
Recording FormatDSD 256
Analog To Digital ConverterMerging Technologies Horus
Recording DateNovember 2018
Recording LocationMCO, Studio 1, Hilversum - the Netherlands
Recording EngineerJared Sacks