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CD Premieres with Music from the Interwar Period

Ebony Quartet

Erich Itor Kahn, Hans Walter Süsskind, Josef Matthias Hauer, Otto Jokl, Louis Gruenberg

SKU: 40517

Year of release: 2017

1. Fragment eines unvollendeten Erich Itor Kahn 10:18
Rechenschaft über uns 13:20
2. no. 1 Hans Walter Süsskind 00:45
3. no. 2 Hans Walter Süsskind 02:14
4. no. 3 Hans Walter Süsskind 01:45
5. no. 4 Hans Walter Süsskind 01:28
6. no. 5 Hans Walter Süsskind 00:47
7. no. 6 Hans Walter Süsskind 01:04
8. no. 7 Hans Walter Süsskind 02:01
9. no. 8 Hans Walter Süsskind 00:57
10. no. 9 Hans Walter Süsskind 00:55
11. no. 10 Hans Walter Süsskind 01:20
Fünf Stücke für Quartett op. 30 07:31
12. Ausdrucksvoll bewegt Josef Matthias Hauer 00:56
13. Ruhig Josef Matthias Hauer 02:57
14. Belebt Josef Matthias Hauer 00:52
15. Langsam Josef Matthias Hauer 01:50
16. Lebhaft Josef Matthias Hauer 00:54
Vier Lieder 09:10
17. Zauber bei Tag Hans Walter Süsskind 02:20
18. Heimweg Hans Walter Süsskind 03:01
19. Die Geliebte Hans Walter Süsskind 01:31
20. Der Sterbliche Hans Walter Süsskind 02:17
Zweites Streichquartett op. 28 18:08
21. Andantino Otto Jokl 05:13
22. allegro assai Otto Jokl 06:38
23. Adagio Otto Jokl 06:16
Vier Indiskretionen für Quartett Op. 20 10:45
24. allegro con spirito Louis Gruenberg 04:00
25. Lento sostenuto Louis Gruenberg 03:01
26. Moderato grazioso Louis Gruenberg 02:10
27. Allegro giocoso Louis Gruenberg 01:32
Total time: 69:15

About this album

This CD is unheard, for, as far as we know, none of this music has ever been issued before on a CD or gramophone recording. But this recording is also unheard-of, since every piece conveys the force of artistic necessity, of an uncompromising, selfless idealism, on which the Nazis laid a curse, but which went to make the music of the Interwar period so rich and engrossing. In short, the present CD provides a supplement to the incomplete history of the music of this period, and brings unjustly forgotten composers to life once again.

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Het Parool

(...) Het is goed en rechtvaardig dat het Ebony Quartet en zijn artistiek inspirator Werner Herbers de muziek van Kahn nieuw leven geeft. (...)

Musica Reanimata

(...) Werner Herbers hat einmal mehr seine Überzeugung belegt, dass ohne die Musikgeschichte der verfemten Komponisten die Musikgeschichte des 20.Jahrhunderts unvollständig ist, dass ihr kostbare Kleinodien fehlen würden. Und diese CD zeigt, dass er zwischen den Mainstreams der Schönberg-und-Hindemith Schule eine Fülle ganz anders gearteter Strömungen gab, die neue Facetten ins Bild der Jahrhunderts bringen.

Ludwig Van (Toronto)

Much of the music on this album is essential listening. You won’t understand music of the last century without it.


(...) a ‘must-hear’ album of music from between the world wars (...)Throughout, the Ebony’s play these pieces with tremendous vigor and attention to detail. You won’t find – and couldn’t ask for – a better-played or finer-sounding set of belated-debut recordings of any of them.

Luister (Luister 10)

Werner Herbers and his musicians did it again. (...) All of it is really good music, without a doubt. Not only Erich Itor Kahn's fragment of a string quartet but also the Second String Quartet by Jokl, or the Indiskretionen by Gruenberg, which showcase a slightly lighter tone. (...) Unheard is full of music which thankfully will no longer be unheard.

Technical Specifications

SpeakersGrimm LS1
Digital To Analog ConverterHorus
Mastering EquimentPyramix
Mastering EngineerJared Sacks
CablesVan den Hul
Mixing ConsoleRens Heijnis custommade
MicrophonesBruael & Kyaer, Schoeps
Recording Format256fs
Analog To Digital ConverterHorus
Recording DateDecember 2016
Recording LocationKeizergracht Church, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
EditingJared Sacks
Recording EngineerJared Sacks
ProductionJared Sacks,