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Debussy, Ravel & Dutilleux

Orpheus String Quartet

C. Debussy, M. Ravel, H. Dutilleux

SKU: 3892

Year of release: 1992

Quartet in g minor 33:07
1. Animé et très décidé C. Debussy 07:55
2. Assez vif et bien rythmé C. Debussy 06:21
3. Andantino, doucement expressif C. Debussy 09:33
4. Très modéré C. Debussy 09:16
Quartet in F Major 28:23
5. Allegro moderato - Tres doux M. Ravel 07:55
6. Assez vif - Très rythmé M. Ravel 06:21
7. Très lent M. Ravel 08:24
8. Vif et agité M. Ravel 05:41
'Ainsi la Nuit...' 18:44
9. Nocturne, Parenthese 1 / II. Miroir d'espace, Parenthese 2 / III. Litanies H. Dutilleux 08:11
10. Parenthese 3 / IV Litanies 2, Parenthese 4 / V Constellations / VI Nocturne 2 / VII Temps Suspendu H. Dutilleux 10:33
Total time: 80:15

About this album

The string quartets of Debussy, Ravel and Dutilleux Is there such a thing as typically French music? Can the compositions of Debussy, Ravel and Dutilleux be compared on that level? Debussys attitude to an alchimie sonore and his conviction that discipline should be sought in freedom and not in the formulas of a failed philosophy is not exclusively French. Debussy fought against the rigid rules of French academicism. Nevertheless, it is especially this struggle as well as a passion for the alchemy of sound, whether French or otherwise that unites Debussy, Ravel and Dutilleux and their works. Not only was each of these composers fascinated by the phenomenon of sound, but also by the many technical possibilities to mould tones into sounds without using hackneyed formulas. Discipline in freedom or freedom in discipline. In fact, that is as far as Debussy and Ravel can be compared. Still, the works of Boulez as well as those of Dutilleux later connect the two facets of a synthesis, Debussys anti-classicism on the one hand and Ravels classicism on the other….

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(...) The group handles the familiar works with assurance and style, their Debussy feathery and luminous, their Ravel with weightless precision and a rhythmic cutting edge.

Technical Specifications

Digital To Analog ConverterSony
Mastering EquimentSony digital Editor 3000
Mastering EngineerBert van der Wolf
Mixing ConsoleRens Heijnis Custom made
MicrophonesBruel & Kjaer, Schoeps
Recording FormatPCM 44.1
Analog To Digital ConverterdCS900
Recording LocationResnswoude - The Netherlands
EditingBert van der Wolf
Recording EngineerBert van der Wolf
ProducerTed Diehl