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Ivan Fischer - Composer's Portrait

Wim Van Hasselt, Nora Fischer, Kobra Ensemble, Matthias Kadar, Budapest Festival Orchestra members


SKU: 34516

Year of release: 2016

1. Fanfare Fischer 01:09
2. La Malinconia Fischer 03:54
Spinoza translations 08:59
3. Prealudium Fischer 01:14
4. Bourdon Fischer 01:54
5. Prealudium Fischer 01:47
6. Moritat vom Aberglauben Fischer 01:34
7. Melody Fischer 01:40
8. Finale Fischer 00:50
9. A Nay Kleyd Fischer 03:55
Eine Deutsch- Jiddische Kantate 09:45
10. Dreistimmiges Prealudium Fischer 01:03
11. Wiegenlied Fischer 02:06
12. Deutsche Arie Fischer 00:41
13. Jiddische Arie Fischer 03:25
14. Grabschrift Fischer 02:30
15. Shudh Srang Sextet Fischer 09:12
16. Tsuchigumo Fischer 16:45
Total time: 53:39

About this album

Iván Fischer, known worldwide as a conductor, has recently come to the fore as a composer. Fischer began composing at the age of twenty, writing, as he says, in an avant-garde style fitting for that age. But it all came to an end as he became more and more absorbed by conducting. Some thirty years later, however, the urge to take up the pen again became irresistible: “A feeling as though I found my true self.” He describes himself not as a composer but as a composing conductor, and the many composers whose music he conducts are his teachers and his sources of inspiration.
This CD presents a portrait of the composer Iv.n Fischer. The following liner notes are based largely on his own commentary and on that of Habakuk Traber (who writes for the Deutsches Sinfonie Orchester Berlin).

Notes about the number of tracks:
I have taken the liberty to make the last piece of work ‘Tsuchigumo’ as one track (in the booklet 16 – 25) as many sections play through to the next without stopping.

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Fono Forum

Das eigentlich Interessante und vielleicht ach besondere an Fischers Stilpluralismus ist aber, wie ambivalent er zwischen Humor und Melancholie bewegt (...) immer überzeugend die Stimme von Fischers Tochter Nora!

Klassiek Centraal [Nominatie Gouden Label]

Dat de Hongaarse dirigent Iván Fischer finesse uitstraalt, is een understatement. Hij ademt het moeiteloos. DecdComposers Portrait 1 doet zijn reputatie alle eer aan. Hij ontdekte namelijk het recept waardoor men Yiddische volksliederen als volwaardig erfgoed binnen onze Europese cultuur kan beschouwen en savoureren.

Classica [Nov, France]

(...) cette musique portée par les souvenirs douloureux et le Sehnsucht, est interprétée aves autant de soin que de saveur.