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Piazzolla, Ginastera, Golijov - the argentinian album

Amsterdam Sinfonietta, Candida Thompson

Piazzolla, Ginastera, Golijov

SKU: 33014

Year of release: 2014

Piazzolla Four Seasons of Buens Aires 26:31
1. Summer Piazzolla 06:43
2. Autumn Piazzolla 07:19
3. Winter Piazzolla 06:36
4. Spring Piazzolla 05:51
Ginastera 25:39
5. concerto for String Orchestra opus 33 - Viarazioni per I solisti Ginastera 09:35
6. concerto for String Orchestra opus 34 - Scherzo fantastico Ginastera 04:05
7. concerto for String Orchestra opus 35 - Adagio angoscioso Ginastera 07:13
8. concerto for String Orchestra opus 36 - finale Furioso Ginastera 04:46
9. Golijov Last Round for double quartet and bass Golijov 13:18
Total time: 65:29

About this album

I can’t imagine a more diverse palette of sounds, styles and colours than the three composers on this recording. They are unmistakably Argentinian yet tantalisingly different. Between them they represent the vibrant fusion of cultures that exist in Argentina today. In order to give full justice to their music, we researched their personal tastes, sources and sound worlds, looking for the influences that shaped them. Although one immediately feels that Ginastera’s unique masterpiece Concerto per corde is written in a language close to the European masterworks of the twentieth century such as Bartók’s Divertimento, or Berg’s Lyric Suite, it’s a very particular and original work. Ginastera changes between such imaginative quasi improvised solo sections and very precisely structured passages. While playing his Concerto one has a tremendous feeling of freedom within structure. Candida Thompson

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Luister 10

(...) een meesterlijk Argentijns drieluik (...) een plaat die zich onderscheidt door briljant spel en een dito opname (...) warm, opzwepend, sensueel en opwindend en Thompson speelt de vioolsolo's werkelijk onweerstaanbaar. Kremer en consorten, de absolute favoriet tot nu toe, kunnen wel inpakken. (...) een plaat die niemand onberoerd laat.

BBC Music Magazine (5 + 5 stars)

Thompson lends a wild voluptuousness to this feel-good Argentinian collection. One of the best performances of Piazzolla's spicy Four Seasons on disc; Ginastera's string Concerto boasts a scherzo like high-octane Mendelssohn and a ferocious finale.


(...) Heerlijke, warmbloedige en opzwepende muziek!

Audiophile Audition

Three important Argentinian composers, and works for strings in excellent surround.


Levendige, stijlvolle ritmiek en articulatie plus een welkome zangerige ondertoon (...)

The Guardian

(...) It is the Ginastera Concerto, the composer’s own expansion of his second string quartet (...) that comes off best here, and shows what the Amsterdam Sinfonietta can do so very well.

Limburgs Dagblad

(...) meeslepende mix van passie en melancholie (...) Vlijmscherp zijn de strijkstokken van Amsterdam Sinfonietta. (...)


(...) Thompson dispatches the solo part [of Piazzolla] with commendable swing, leading the ensemble with aplomb. The main event here, undeniable, is Ginastera’s Concerto for strings (...) The Amsterdam Sinfonietta’s account is splendidly prepared and executed (...)


A flexible string orchestra that easily finds its way through the rapidly changing timbre’s, rhythm and playing several techniques; especially in the IInd part ‘Scherzo Fantastico‘ of Ginestera’s work. The orchestra sounds authentic, transparent and nowhere affected.


Astor Piazzolla's Vier Seizoenen van Buenos Aires: misschien wel de beste opname tot nu toe (...) -het bruist, het prikt. Heel mooi.


(...) het resultaat is betoverend (...) er wordt hier meesterlijk gspeeld door Candida Thompson (...) Sinfonietta beheerst hem (Ginastera) tot drie cijfers achter de komma. (...) Prachtig repertoire, fonkelend gespeeld en perfect opgenomen.

Technical Specifications

Recording SoftwarePyramix
Recording Type Bit RateDSD64
Recording LocationStadtsgehoorzaal Leiden Holland
Recording EngineerJared Sacks
ProducerWillem de Bordes, Jared Sacks
Mixing BoardRens Heijnis custom made
MicrophonesBruel & Kjaer, Schoeps
Mastering EquipmentB+W 803 diamond series
Mastering EngineerJared Sacks
Digital ConvertersGrimm
Cablesvan der Hul