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On The Road

Wim Van Hasselt

Zbinden, Luigini, Beethoven, Bourgeois, Eben, Grunelius, Wilson, Henderickx, Fondse, Berio

SKU: 31811

Year of release: 2011

1. Concertino for Trumpet, Snare Drum And Piano, Opus 6 Zbinden 07:58
2. Capice For Cornet And Piano Luigini 05:00
3. Aria 'Komm Hoffnung, Lass Den Letzten Stern' From 'Fidello' Beethoven 04:43
Trio For Trumpet, Trombone And Piano, Opus 285 14:49
4. Moderato con moto Bourgeois 05:48
5. Andante espressivo Bourgeois 04:46
6. Moderato ma con fuoco Bourgeois 04:14
7. Fantasia Vespertina for trumpet and piano Eben 04:28
Scenette a due for flute and muted trumpet 09:22
8. Lento e sciolto Grunelius 01:52
9. Moderato con anima Grunelius 02:55
10. Allegro scherzando Grunelius 01:28
11. Lento ma non troppo Grunelius 03:06
12. Cartoon for cornet and piano Wilson 05:28
13. ON THE ROAD for trumpet and electronics Henderickx 10:26
Splitting Wood for flugelhorn_trumpet, cello, bass clarinet and fender rhodes piano 11:00
14. hit the soft Fondse 03:10
15. once opened, Fondse 07:50
16. Good Night for trumpet solo Berio 01:14
Total time: 74:33

About this album

Jack Kerouac’s book On the Road saw the light of day in 1957. It was to become the cult book of the beat generation. To be forever-on-the-road was a new attitude to life, a present-day interpretation of the bohemiantype, and it came to inspire generations of pop musicians. For the Arts, borders have always been irrelevant. Bach and Mozart sought inspiration in the music of all the countries around them. Bartók travelled endlessly andas far as Africa. The works on the present CD were written by composers from nine European countries: the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, France,Switzerland, the Czech Republic, Scotland, England and Italy. Nothing less than a journey through the trumpet repertoire of Europe.Wim Van Hasselt selected the works on the grounds of quality and diversity. Born in Belgium, his passion for the trumpet took him quickly to Louvain, Brussels and – new to him – the city of Karlsruhe, where he studied withReinhold Friedrich, in the words of Van Hasselt “an icon in the trumpet world and a source of inspiration for this CD”. Like so many music students, he went ‘on the road’ to find a good teacher. In Karlsruhe he got to knowthe Japanese pianist Eriko Takezawa, who accompanied him as répétiteur for his entrance exam at the Hochschule and has often played with him since. Then Van Hasselt’s dream to play in the best possible orchestra tookhim to Berlin and Amsterdam. And this CD was yet another dream. “Not only to stretch my own boundaries, but particularly because I really wantpeople to hear this music. I have looked for the extremes of trumpet repertoire and have compiled a varied programme with pieces in all sorts of colours and styles, ranging from classical through belle époque tocontemporary.”

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Hij biedt een staalkaart van speelmogelijkheden- en stijlen op trompet, cornet en flügelhorn in de genres klassiek, salonmuziek, jazz en vooral modern klassiek (…) Ook ‘SplittingWood’ van Martin Fondse is speciaal voor deze cd geschreven in 2011. Van Hasselt gaat in dit swingende, jazzy stuk met Fondse (op fender) en het ensemble ‘heerlijk uit zijn dak’ en bespeelt daarbij naast de trompet de flügelhorn of bugel., Performance 5 stars / Sonics 5 stars

(...) unusual album by the talented trumpet player Wim Van Hasselt. (...) On this recording Hasselt takes the listener on a musical journey spanning the music of three centuries (...) Diversity and quality were the main stated criteria in his very personal choice of works. Luciano Berio's brief take on the 'Last Post' concludes this undoubtedly stimulating disc. (...) The recording in the Doopsgezinde Kerk, Amsterdam is, as expected, excellently engineered by Jared Sacks and Hein Dekker, so this SACD can be unhesitatingly recommended to all to whom this unusual concept appeals.


Houd je van onbekend, van avontuur? Of gewoon van trompet? In alle gevallen kopen deze CD. Topklasse!

International Trumpet Guild

(...) a wonderful album of fine repertoire (...) showing off his beautifully sensitive and facile playing. (...) He plays with tremendous sense of smoothness and flow (...) an eclectic album (...) excellent recording quality, first-rate packaging, extensive liner notes.


(…) De cd is een bijzondere reis door het trompetrepertoire van Europa, genomen over een periode van ongeveer 100 jaar. Hedendaags en traditioneel worden speels afgewisseld. Wim laat horen dat de trompet/cornet en bugel voor hem bijna geen geheimen meer hebben. Meesterlijk muzikaal laat hij zoveel sferen horen, wat deze cd heel divers maakt en bijzonder inspirerend.(…) een geweldige cd die iedere trompettist en koperblazer zeker zal plezieren

American Record Guide

(...) outstanding collection of new and little-known works (...)

Audiophile Audition

(...) The pieces span several centuries and provide a wonderful platform for Van Hasselt to demonstrate his mastery over a broad range of styles and his infallible technique. A fine release, well worth acquiring!


Wim Van Hasselt

Technical Specifications

Recording Type Bit RateDSD64
SpeakersAudiolab, Holland
Recording SoftwarePyramix bij Merging
Recording EngineerHein Dekker, Jared Sacks
ProducerHein Dekker
Mixing BoardRens Heijnis custom design
MicrophonesBruel & Kjaer, Schoeps
Mastering EquipmentB&W 803 diamond series
Mastering EngineerJared Sacks
Digital ConvertersGrimm A/D DSD / Meitner DA
Cablesvan den Hul