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The Image Of Melancolly

Amsterdam Loeki Stardust Quartet, Kees Broeke

Anthony Holborne, Kees Boeke, John Dowland

SKU: 2891

Year of release: 1991

1. Bona Speranza + The Tears Of The Muses Anthony Holborne 04:38
2. Paradizo + The Sighes Anthony Holborne 04:41
3. Infernum + Galliard Anthony Holborne 04:42
4. Amoretta + Nec Invideo Anthony Holborne 05:36
5. The Image Of Melancolly + Ecce Quam Bonum Anthony Holborne 06:11
6. Pavana Ploravit + Sic Semper Soleo Anthony Holborne 05:56
7. The Funerals + Galliard Anthony Holborne 04:44
8. Muy Linda Anthony Holborne 01:16
9. Lacrime Kees Boeke 07:03
10. Mellancoly Galliard John Dowland 03:20
Total time: 48:12

About this album

The Melancholic Humour, an Elizabethan Malady Man is the warmest on the first day of his existence, and coldest on the last(Hippocrates). For the Renaissance physician, mans physical being is stayed upon two pillars, which are the radicall heat and moisture. Natural heat, the very source of life, is maintained by moisture as the oyle which is put into the lampes doth mayntayne and feede the flame, but this being consumed day by day must finally give way to the cold and dryness of death….

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