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Bolivian Baroque vol. 3


de Chavarria, Zipoli, Velasco, Anonymous, de Araujo, Casseda, Duron

SKU: 28009

Year of release: 2009

1. Fuera: Fuera! Haganles lugar! de Chavarria 05:49
2. Toccata in D minor Zipoli 04:12
3. Missa Octavo Tono Velasco 10:27
Sonata 'Chiquitanna' No. IV 07:18
4. Allegro Anonymous 02:52
5. Andante Anonymous 02:20
6. Minuete Anonymous 02:04
7. All?Offertorio Zipoli 01:50
8. Al Llanto mas tierno de Araujo 04:31
9. Siempre Piano from Sonata XIV in G major Anonymous 03:31
10. Canzona in G minor Zipoli 03:23
11. Aires me hielan al Ni_o Anonymous 02:45
12. Silencio: no chiste el aire Casseda 03:03
13. Misiones de Chiquitos AMCh 393 in C major Anonymous 01:07
14. Oh que bien se suspenden los Cielos de Araujo 04:15
15. Al comp?s airecillos Duron 03:23
16. Salve a8 Anonymous 02:29
Naranjitay 01:52
17. Huai_o Anonymous 01:52
Total time: 60:02

About this album

Welcome to our third volume of Bolivian Baroque music which was, unusually, recorded in three different venues, in two different countries almost 6250 miles apart. This time the majority of the CD was recorded in Holland (in both the Waalse Kerk in Amsterdam and the Doopsgezinde Kerk in Deventer) during Arakaendar Bolivia Choir’s first tour of Europe with Florilegium in 2008. In addition we have included a number of solo organ pieces from the Bolivian archives which James Johnstone recorded on the restored anonymous 18th century Blockwerk organ in the Mission Church of Santa Ana de Velasco. This is the first European recording on this remarkable instrument, its raw sound recorded here for posterity.The music on this volume differs considerably from the other two Channel Classics recordings (CCS 22105 & CCS 24806) as it mainly showcases Arakaendar Bolivia, the choir I set up in 2005. They continue to thrive and have shown tremendous commitment and determination in preparing this challenging and varied programme. We were delighted to be nominated by BBC Music Magazine for the best choir recording of 2008 for our last CD recording, as well as receiving our 5th Editor’s Choice from Gramophone magazine. I hope this new volume is received as warmly.As with our first two volumes we have an additional piece which has little to do with the archives in Bolivia. Instead this charming arrangement by Luis Craff of a popular Bolivian folk song Naranjitay (“little orange”) is offered as an encore with one of the tenors from the choir, Daniel Aguilar, accompanying the choir on his charango.

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Tijdschrift Oude Muziek

het 16koppige jongerenkoor zingt uitstekend en vertoont duidelijk de sporen van een ‘Engelse’ vocale opvoeding, slanke stemmen met een klein vibrato.

Musik und klang

ein einheimischem Chor der mit seinem Enthusiasmus für eine wunderbare Unmittelbarkeit sorgt (...) 5*


Dies ist gerade zu ein Geniestreich, denn das ist allerfeinste Kompositionsvorlage gepaart mit spritziger und Launiger Ausführung.


Back to Bolivia for a collection that’s more entertaining than ever. Florilegium plays some chamber instrumental works with customary finesse. (…) (…) The Bolivian singers demonstrate a warm choral sonority and soft solo singing (…) (…) Highlights are Johnstone’s virtuoso performance of several colourful organ pieces by Domenico Zippoli: the texture and detail of the Canzona in G minor is enthralling (…) (…) There isn’t a dull moment during the disc’s hour-long duration, and plenty of musical subtleties and novelties to intrigue the ear.

Early Music America

) Thanks again to Father Piotr Nawrot’s exhaustive research in the archives of the Bolivian mussions, Solomon and company present a beautiful programme. (…) (…) the liturgical work of Velasco is a nice find that showcases some delicate writing for the small vocal group and a richly sonorous massed choir sound for the full ensemble. Zipoli’s organ music is played by James Johnstone on the sole surviving 18th century organ in the Chiquitana. The organ has an marvellously grainy and pungent sound. (…) the choir’s bright youthful sound is very pleasing, Florilegium‘s performances are terrific and do much to make this series a fine addition to the genre.

The Absolute Sound

Florilegium and a superb South American vocal group (…) (…) the lively, angular, almost jazzy syncopations and cross-rhythms are rendered to perfection by the 16 singers, both as soloists and as a chorus (...)


De afwisseling van koorwerken, orgelstukken en orkestmuziek zorgt voor een mooie luisterervaring, in alle segmenten wordt grote kwaliteit geleverd. Met als grootste gemene delers gedrevenheid en energie.

BBC Music Magazine

Its pounding rhythms, oscillating between 3/8 and ¾ time, with gasping first-beat rests, have haunted me for days. (…) (…) The sound of the choir is captivating - wholly unmannered, fresh-toned and inexhaustibly animated – and it’s become tauter still since their since their debut. Their commitment, enjoyment and communication is palpable. (…) The music itself is totally absorbing from beginning to end.

Music Choice

The Bolivian choir’s fresh-toned sound is captivating. Their commitment, enjoyment and communication is palpable.


Technical Specifications

Recording Type Bit RateDSD64
SpeakersAudiolab, Holland
Recording SoftwarePyramix bij Merging
Recording LocationWaalse Kerk Amsterdam Holland 2009
Recording EngineerJared Sacks
ProducerJared Sacks, Ashley Solomon
Mixing BoardRens Heijnis custom design
MicrophonesBruel & Kjaer, Schoeps
Mastering EquipmentB&W 803 diamond series
Mastering EngineerJared Sacks
Digital ConvertersMeitner A/D DSD / Meitner DA
Cablesvan den Hul