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Liaisons vol. 2

Dejan Lazić

Schumann, Brahms

SKU: 27609

Year of release: 2009

Papillons, Op. 2 18:52
1. Introduzione Schumann 00:17
2. No. 1 Schumann 00:47
3. No. 2 -Prestissimo Schumann 00:27
4. No. 3 Schumann 00:55
5. No. 4 - Presto Schumann 00:57
6. No. 5 Schumann 02:11
7. No. 6 Schumann 01:01
8. No. 7 -Semplice Schumann 01:02
9. No. 8 Schumann 01:16
10. No. 9 - Prestissimo Schumann 00:41
11. No. 10 Vivo - Piu lento Schumann 02:53
12. No. 11 Schumann 03:29
13. No. 12 - Finale Schumann 02:50
Waldszenen 03:43
14. Forest Scenes, Op. 82 - Eintritt - Entrance Schumann 02:19
15. Forest Scenes, Op. 82 - Jager auf der Lauer - Hunter in Ambush Schumann 01:24
Waldszenen -Forest Scenes, Op. 82 02:42
16. Einsame Blumen - Lonely Flowers Schumann 02:42
Waldszenen 17:39
17. Forest Scenes, Op. 82 - Verrufene Stelle - Haunted Spot Schumann 04:33
18. Forest Scenes, Op. 82 - Freundliche Landschaft - Pleasant Landscape Schumann 01:10
19. Forest Scenes, Op. 82 - Herberge - Wayside Inn Schumann 02:06
20. Forest Scenes, Op. 82 - Vogel als Prophet - Bird as Prophet Schumann 03:03
21. Forest Scenes, Op. 82 - Jagdlied - Hunting Song Schumann 02:33
22. Forest Scenes, Op. 82 - Abschied - Farewell Schumann 04:11
Klavierstucke 24:30
23. Piano Pieces, Op. 118 - No. 1 Intermezzo Brahms 02:42
24. Piano Pieces, Op. 118 - No. 2 Intermezzo Brahms 05:58
25. Piano Pieces, Op. 118 - No. 3 Ballade Brahms 03:59
26. Piano Pieces, Op. 118 - No. 4 Intermezzo Brahms 02:42
27. Piano Pieces, Op. 118 - No. 5 Romanze Brahms 03:33
28. Piano Pieces, Op. 118 - No. 6 Intermezzo Brahms 05:33
Total time: 67:29

About this album

Both of these composers maintained a unique and unusually strong relationship with each other. Their friendship was both artistic and personal: it was characterized by mutual respect and admiration. That made it even more of a challenge for me to enter into the world of two remarkable composers-and persons as well- in order to provide the listener with a chronological insight into the years from early Schumann to late Brahms. On one hand we have both of the poetic and programmatic cycles, one of them very early Schumann, and the other quite late (Opus 2 and 82 respectively)-one could call it a journey from the ballroom filled with people and masks as portrayed in Papillons to the solitude of the forest as depicted in Waldszenen. In contrast to this we have the late, masterful, and extremely non-programmatic music of Brahms’s Opus 118, very simply entitled Klavierstcke. As a whole, this CD offers the listener a chance to observe the development of the miniature for piano solo, a completely innovative form at the time. It is a development that extends over more than 60 years of the 19th century (1829-1892).

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American Record Guide

the pianist's touch with Schumann is among the best I have ever heard (…) In Papillions he consistently demonstrates his innate understanding of the composer as he shifts effortlessly from one mood to the next… His technique is almost translucent in the sense that… it sounds effortless. (…)

Classics Today

impressive poise and lyricism

Wiener Zeitung

Sergey Rachmaninovs Zweites Klavierkonzert ist ein Schlachtross, das Pianisten immer dann in den Kampf führen, wenn sie zeigen wollen, dass sie Technik und Seele besitzen. Und zwar, bitteschön, im Überfluss. Mitunter wird man aber auch angenehm überrascht. Wie etwa von Dejan Lazic: Er kann zwar tastendonnern, aber wichtiger sind ihm doch Zwischentöne, feine Nuancen, Noblesse. Kirill Petrenko am Pult des London Philharmonic Orchestra kommt ihm entgegen – und lässt kammermusikalisch fein musizieren. Fabelhaft!

All Music Guide

As before, Lazic's playing is at a supremely high level with every piece presented in performances which are for all intents and purposes technically perfect. And as before, technical perfection is the least of Lazic's achievements, because the real greatness of his performances is their exemplary musicianship and their consummate lyricism. Lazic captures the tender whimsy of Schumann's Papillions, the pastoral poetry of the same composer's Waldszenen and the controlled passion of Brahms Piano Pieces Opus 118. He does so with sensitive phrasing, vivid colors, molded sonorities and a judicious use of tempo rubato that makes every line sound fresh and new but also utterly inevitable. Try such familiar works as the uncanny Vogel als Prophet from Waldszenen or the Andante teneramente from Opus 118, and if Lazic's haunted account of the former and restless reading of the latter don't move you, perhaps you should stay away. But if they do, you should try not only this disc but also Lazic's other recordings for Channel Classics.


The sound quality is superb, the playing excellent.


Auch auf dieser neuen Aufnahme lebt der Pianist lyrische Sanftheit und Dramatik aus, setzt sorgsam seine reiche Palette an Anschlagsnuancen ein, ohne sich im Detail zu verlieren. Besonders beeindruckend klingen Schumanns Waldszenen. Lazic lässt einen Wald entstehen, der mal einladend und freundlich, dann wieder abweisend und einsam ist. (…) (…) Zusammen aber mit den Waldszenen und den Papillons von Schubert gehen sie eine Liaison ein – und zeigen, warum Dejan Lazi? so gerne in Deutschland lebt.


Lazic digs around and finds off beat miniature pieces these two composers wrote between the major works to keep sharp and amused. Schumann finds himself frolicking with a lighter touch while Brahms liked to dig in his heels. Presented as a program of piano miniatures, Lazic knows his stuff and knows how to zero in on the heart of the performance. A tasty, classy, personal feeling work that enchants with great ease

Klassieke Zaken

Lazic doet je deze grijsgedraaide muziek wel op een op-en-top verfrissende manier herontdekken. Zowel pianotechnisch als qua verbeeldingskracht ondervindt deze pianist duidelijk geen enkele remming. Je krijgt de indruk dat deze opname maar n van zijn vele mogelijke interpretaties weergeeft. Lazic is ook zelf componist en speelt duidelijk graag met klankkleur, articulatie en tempo. Als je er een partituur bij neemt, dan schrik je wel eens van wat Lazic onder meer met het tempo allemaal uitspookt. Maar hoe dan ook blijft dit fantastisch, soms ronduit sprookjesachtigpianospel. De Standaard () De Kroatische pianist herschept Schumanns grillige fantasien met aandacht voor de kleinste details, de zachtste pianissimo's en de subtielste rubato's. De aandacht van de luisteraar gaat vooral naar de pianist zelf, zijn spel is imponerend en soms zelfs briljant. Bij Brahms wordt vooral het interessante klankweefstel uitgelicht waarbij de stemmen zich onafhankelijk van elkaar lijken te bewegen. Is hier misschien sprake van een postmoderne Brahms?


Technical Specifications

Recording Type Bit RateDSD64
SpeakersAudiolab, Holland
Recording SoftwarePyramix bij Merging
Recording LocationEindhoven Holland 2009
Recording EngineerJared Sacks
ProducerJared Sacks
Mixing BoardRens Heijnis custom design
MicrophonesBruel & Kjaer, Schoeps
Mastering EquipmentB&W 803 diamond series
Mastering EngineerJared Sacks
Digital ConvertersMeitner A/D DSD / Meitner DA
Cablesvan den Hul