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Homenaje a Revueltas

Ebony Band


SKU: 21104

Year of release: 2004

Chamberworks Of Silvestre Reueltas 43:20
1. Sensemayá Revueltas 04:46
2. Ocho por radio Revueltas 05:44
3. Planos Revueltas 07:47
4. Caminando Revueltas 03:56
5. Este era un rey Revueltas 05:39
6. Hora de Junio Revueltas 10:56
7. El renacuajo paseador Revueltas 04:30
Pieza Para Docce Instrumentos 11:01
8. Lento Revueltas 01:59
9. Deciso e ben ritmato Revueltas 02:00
10. Allegretto Revueltas 00:40
11. Allegro Revueltas 01:32
12. Preludio y Fuga rítmicos (J. Pomar) Revueltas 04:48
Homenaje A Frederico Garcia Lorca 11:55
13. Baile Revueltas 04:10
14. Duelo por García Lorca Revueltas 03:52
15. Son Revueltas 03:52
Total time: 66:17

About this album

Silvestre Revueltas was born on New Years eve of 1899 in Santiago Papasquiaro in the Northern Mexican province of Durango. He began playing the violin at the age of eight and studied violin and composition between 1918 and 1922 at the Chicago Music College. In the 1920s he toured as a violin soloist and conductor through the southern United States and Mexico, until the composer Carlos Chavez, at that time Mexicos most important musical authority, asked him to come back to Mexico to be his assistant with the Orquesta Sinfnica de Mxico. This orchestras recent establishment was very much part of a movement which, following the revolution of the teens, was concerned with providing the fledgling Mexican state with a distinctive identity. Revueltas became aware that this endeavor would not be served by re-interpretations of European classics, and concluded that he himself could make an important contribution by devoting himself to composition. In the 10 following years he produced an oeuvre, composed at a feverish pace, in which he used his knowledge of European music to create an effective, sober musical style which strongly expressed his love for the Mexican cultural heritage…

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Brabants Dagblad

Mooi aan de muziek van Revueltas is dat overal zijn Mexicaanse achtergrond hoorbaar is. een cd van een van de weinige serieuzefeel good componisten () () De Ebony Band speelt olv Werner Herbers uiterst aanstekelijk. Parool (...) Wie deze kamermuziek van Revueltas niet kent, MOET deze cd beluisteren. Alle werken erop intrigeren (...)

Das Orchester

klare Strukturierung und hrbare Freude am spiel dieser zumeist sehr heiteren, mitunter gerade witzige Musik. (...) Fono forum () ungemein lebhafte und intelligent gearbeitete Musik - Das Orchester


Superb CD, each piece is full of instrumental colour and speaks in distinctive voice ()! () Outstanding performances, among the best of this repertoire committed to disc () Fanfare

American Record Guide

the players are exquisite, execution is absolute precise, tempos are anything but dreary, and the rich, resonant engineering is also warm and balanced () () Even if you don't like Mexican music, there's something wrong if it doesn't make you want to sing or dance.

das spiel der von Werner Herbers geleitenen Ebony Band einfach zu przise und souvern. Die Intonation ist bombensicher, das Zusammenspiel absolut perfekt, alles wirkt minutis einstudiert und sorgfltig ausgefhrt; die Musiker haben es tatschlich verstanden, die Musik auf den Punkt zu bringen. (...) (...) Erstaunlich ist neben der stets unbndigen rhythmischen Energie tatschlich die gerade orchestrale Klangflle, die das Ensemble zu erzeugen vermag. (...) (...) Darber hinaus bietet die SACD bereits in der Stereo-Version ein gestochen scharfes Klangbild. Das von Strgeruschen aus dem Publikum nur marginal beeintrchtigt wird.

Klassieke Zaken

aanstekelijke composities, opzwepend Mexicaans slagwerk en zwoele dansmuziek Meeslepend.

The Guardian

musical charm, humour and an originality that ranks him along the leading composers from the Americas in the period between the two world wars. (...) The Guardian

Classics Today

Recorded live before a very well-behaved audience, Channel Classics' multichannel production defines the best in SACD technology, offering exceptional clarity and giving a tactile presence to the players without excessive emphasis coming from the rear. The percussion section sparkles, while contributions of the less assertive instruments (solo strings and harp) register naturally, in excellent balance. This outstanding and unusually interesting disc is one that the composer's many admirers should find irresistible--and it's also an excellent way to get to know Revueltas generally. Classics Today

Gramophone - Editors Choice

Spectacularly recorded chamber works by Mexicos master of the grotesque Revueltas recordings. Heres a disc brimful of energy. If you like the sound of Stravinsky in neo-classical mode then these spiky, rhythmically vital piece by the Mexican Silvestre Revueltas (1899-1940) will be just up your street. And given the fire that these players (many from Amsterdams Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra) bring, its hard to imagine it better done. A splendid disc derived from concert performances Highly recommended.

Technical Specifications

Recording Type Bit RateDSD64
SpeakersAudio Lab
Recording SoftwareMerging Technolgies
Recording LocationTilburg Holland
Recording EngineerJared Sacks
ProducerJared Sacks
Mixing BoardRens Heijnis custom design
MicrophonesBruel and Kjaer, Schoeps
Mastering EquipmentB+W 803 Diamond series
Mastering EngineerJared Sacks
Digital ConvertersMeitner AD/DA DSD converter
Cablesvan den Hul