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It Takes Two

Bart Schneemann

Iva Bittová, Astor Piazzolla, Simon Burgers, Leos Janacek, Harrison Birtwistle, Carlos Gardel, Louis Andriessen, György Kurtág, Béla Bartók, Ralph Vaughan Williams, Jacob ter Veldhuis, G. Morini

SKU: 18598

Year of release: 2002

1. Intro 00:59
2. Hoboj Iva Bittová 04:28
3. Divná slecinka (A strange young lady) Iva Bittová 04:48
4. Oblivion Astor Piazzolla 02:54
5. 'Pastiche' Simon Burgers 03:21
6. Cêkám Tê (Waiting for you) Leos Janacek 04:25
7. Pulse Sampler Harrison Birtwistle 03:18
8. El Dia Que Me Querias Carlos Gardel 03:24
9. 'Vergeet me niet' Louis Andriessen 04:13
10. Hommage à Tristan György Kurtág 00:55
11. Versetto (apolerif organum) György Kurtág 00:57
12. Summaia a György Kurtág 01:11
13. Három Csíkmegyei Népdal (3 folksongs from the country of Csik) Béla Bartók 04:27
14. Este a székelyeknél (An evening in the village) Béla Bartók 03:29
15. V zemi neorané (On unploughed land) Iva Bittová 05:42
16. nfant Joy Ralph Vaughan Williams 01:52
17. Cruelty has a human heart Ralph Vaughan Williams 02:12
18. The piper Ralph Vaughan Williams 01:59
19. Eternity Ralph Vaughan Williams 02:02
20. the Garden of Love Jacob ter Veldhuis 07:21
21. Chiquilín de Bachín Astor Piazzolla 03:05
22. La luna G. Morini 03:54
Total time: 71:05

About this album

It’s been an amazing journey. And always it’s been the two of us. Of course I could always have just gone and recorded sonatas, suites or oboe concerti! In a major, c minor, or f diminished….and preferably all by the same composer. Oboe, for example, with an ensemble, or with one of those great symphony orchestras. An orchestra, after all, is the Rolls-Royce of all ensembles, the perfect music machine: melting violins, roaring basses, pealing trumpets, and rabble-rousing kettledrums, and that’s only the beginning. It was tempting….. But no more tempting than the idea of doing something different, for once! It ‘s been a musical trip around the world: criss-cross through the Netherlands, by way of Hungary, the Czech Republic, back to the Netherlands, via Argentina, England, Moravia, to Italy. And I could hardly have traveled lighter: no ensemble, no beautiful orchestra, just the two of us. I looked for a traveling companion in each country. But (and I have to say, it makes traveling like this more fun) each time it was a different one: oboe with viola, oboe with soprano, with clarinet, bass clarinet, cymbalom, bandoneon, claves, marimba, bar-piano, ghetto-blaster. On the road with musical friends, friends with whom my adventures were always special, but each time totally different. Compositions without directly apparent connections with each other: emotional music (Bittov, Janek), music with humor and satire (Andriessen, ter Veldhuis), serious music (Vaughan Williams), music full of grief (Bartk), passion (Piazzolla ), boldness (Burgers), poetry (Morini), and apparent abstraction ( Birtwistle, Kurtg). Music from completely different cultures. From the contemporary scene or from not so very long ago. A multicolored combination: red, dark red, yellow, green, and purple. Music with a fast or a slow pulse, reserved or temperamental, spicy and sometimes very spicy indeed. But always original and real. Bart Schneeman

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Klassieke Zaken

(...) op avontuur vanuit de huiskamer: met Schneeman kom je nog eens ergens.


(...) An unusual and charming disc.

Neue Musikzeitung

(...) Die Oboe Schneemans liegt brillant ber allem oder hlt sich gekonnt zurck. Jeder ton sitzt, jede Spieltechnik perlt virtuos aus dem Instrument. ()...


(...) lopend door gangen en deuren wordt je steeds geconfronteerd met een nieuwe eigenaardigheid (...) (...) veelstemmig en veelkleurig gekkenhuis (...) (...) fascinerend duet van Kurtag: variaties op het Tristan motief van Wagner (...) (...) Gaat Bart Schneemann nog meer van dit soort heerlijk eigenwijze cds maken?


(...) Schneemann en Alfredo Mrcucci zijn geweldig op dreef, Johannette Zomer zingt op de golven van de hobo om verliefd op te worden en Jacob ter Veldhuis en de gettoblaster hebben zich ontwikkeld tot een gouden duo (...) (...) een cd van een buitengewoon goede en avontuurlijke hobost die het muziekleven weer een beetje spannender heeft gemaakt.


(...) Ich habe diese CD genossen!! (...)

Technical Specifications

Digital To Analog ConverterSony
Mastering EquimentSadie Audio system
Mastering EngineerJared Sacks
Mixing ConsoleRens Heijnis Custom made
MicrophonesBruel & Kjaer, Schoeps
Analog To Digital ConverterPrism 24 bit / Genex Recorder
Recording DateJanuary 2002
Recording LocationDoopsgezinde Kerk Deventer, The Netherlands
EditingJared Sacks
Recording Engineerjared Sacks
ProducerJared Sacks