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Music for Gurdjieff's '39' Series'

Wim van Dullemen

G.I. Gurdjieff

SKU: 16498

Year of release: 2001

1. N1 The automation G.I. Gurdjieff 02:23
2. N2 Prayer in 4 pts G.I. Gurdjieff 08:39
3. N3 the Three Tableaux G.I. Gurdjieff 01:59
4. N4 Essentuki Prayer G.I. Gurdjieff 05:16
5. N5 Pointing Dervish G.I. Gurdjieff 02:29
6. N6 Canon G.I. Gurdjieff 01:56
7. N7 women's Dance G.I. Gurdjieff 00:50
8. N8 Walking Six Positions G.I. Gurdjieff 01:03
9. N9 Ol-Bog-Mek G.I. Gurdjieff 01:28
10. N10 Persian Dance G.I. Gurdjieff 02:09
11. N11 Lord Have Mercy G.I. Gurdjieff 07:33
12. N12 Hallelujah G.I. Gurdjieff 05:44
13. N13 Persian Waltz G.I. Gurdjieff 03:00
14. N14 Reading of a Sacred Book G.I. Gurdjieff 02:34
15. N15 Monday, Tuesday G.I. Gurdjieff 02:07
16. N16 Dance G.I. Gurdjieff 01:09
17. N17 Multiplication G.I. Gurdjieff 04:06
18. N18 Body Circling G.I. Gurdjieff 04:18
19. N19 Stop Exercise G.I. Gurdjieff 05:42
20. N20 Dervish Tramping G.I. Gurdjieff 03:04
21. N21 Remorse G.I. Gurdjieff 02:19
22. N22 March 16-20 G.I. Gurdjieff 01:38
23. N24 Sharse Varse G.I. Gurdjieff 02:19
24. N25 White & Black Magic G.I. Gurdjieff 04:18
25. N26 march G.I. Gurdjieff 01:33
26. N27 Canon of 12 G.I. Gurdjieff 02:38
27. N28 Machine Group G.I. Gurdjieff 01:04
28. N29 G.I. Gurdjieff 03:26
29. N30 Canon of 6 Measures G.I. Gurdjieff 01:50
30. N32 Exercise of Automations G.I. Gurdjieff 02:53
31. N33 cosmic Rhythm G.I. Gurdjieff 01:13
32. N34 Multiplication G.I. Gurdjieff 02:14
33. N35 March G.I. Gurdjieff 02:29
34. N36 Dervish Exercise G.I. Gurdjieff 01:40
35. N37 Dance G.I. Gurdjieff 01:13
36. N38 Twice Six G.I. Gurdjieff 01:42
37. N39 Prayer G.I. Gurdjieff 01:09
Total time: 103:23

About this album

This new recording of Wim van Dullemen brings to the surface the history and development of the special music created by Thomas de Hartmann for Gurdjieffs main corpus of Movements called the 39 series. The result of van Dullemens many years of independent research is published here for the first time, and has been augmented and verified by several eye witnesses who studied these Movements under the guidance of Mr. Gurdjieff himself during the last years of his life. The elaborate cd booklet is lavishly illustrated with authentic historical documents and illustrations, many of which are published here for the first time. The cds introduction is written by Thomas C. Daly, curator of the Thomas de Hartmann Estate and successor of Olga de Hartmann (the composers widow) in the Gurdjieff Foundation of Canada. This cd is the companion volume to Music for the Movements (1999, CCS 15298), both albums were produced by Gert-Jan Blom.

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BBC Music Magazine

(...) devoted, sensitive and subtle.


(...) de muziek wordt met een rustige zelfverzekerdheid vertolkt (...) (...) zinvol voor wie wil kennisnemen tot de leer van Gurdjieff met muziek uit de regio Kaukasus-Iran.

Gooi- en Eemlander

(...) zeer indringende muziek, mede dankzij de dwingende ritmes die Van Dullemen in zijn spel weet te leggen.