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Bach - Flute Sonatas Vol. 1

Ashley Solomon, Terence Charlston

Johann Sebastian Bach

SKU: 15798

Year of release: 2000

Sonata in C Major BWV 1033 08:29
1. Andante-Presto Johann Sebastian Bach 01:22
2. Allegro Johann Sebastian Bach 02:23
3. Adagio Johann Sebastian Bach 01:48
4. Menuett 1 & 2 Johann Sebastian Bach 02:55
Partita in A minor BWV 1013 17:32
5. Allemande Johann Sebastian Bach 04:22
6. Corrente Johann Sebastian Bach 04:17
7. Sarabande Johann Sebastian Bach 05:48
8. Bourree Angloise Johann Sebastian Bach 03:03
Sonata in E minor BWV 1034 14:25
9. Adagio Ma Non Tanto Johann Sebastian Bach 03:12
10. Allegro Johann Sebastian Bach 02:39
11. Andante Johann Sebastian Bach 03:56
12. Allegro Johann Sebastian Bach 04:37
Sonata in E major BWV 1035 12:17
13. Adagio Ma Non Tanto Johann Sebastian Bach 02:43
14. Allegro Johann Sebastian Bach 03:09
15. Siciliano Johann Sebastian Bach 03:15
16. Allegro Assai Johann Sebastian Bach 03:08
Sonata in B minor BWV 1030 17:45
17. Andante Johann Sebastian Bach 08:21
18. Largo E Dolce Johann Sebastian Bach 03:47
19. Presto Johann Sebastian Bach 05:36
Total time: 70:30

About this album

Much has been written about JS Bachs flute sonatas in the past, with opinions from numerous scholars casting doubts on the authenticity of a number of these works. In selecting the sonatas for this first recording, I was keen to choose those that would give the listener the opportunity to hear the most varied collection of compositions within Bachs flute sonata style. In so doing, I have included at least one work which scholars of Bach have not been able to prove was definitely by him.

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(...) Solomons sound is beautiful-round and clean, he has obviously given the sonatas a lot of thought and he performs them with intelligence, but also with heart and guts, A winning combination.(...)

Tijdschrift Oude Muziek

(...) De Fluitsonatas zijn bij Ashley in uitstekende handen, jammer dat Bach er niet meer heeft geschreven (...)


(...) Hij weet een prachtige ronde en frisse toon te blazen, die helemaa doet vergeten dat deze oude fluiten ook nog wel eens duf en stoffig kunnen klinken. (...) (...) Zwoele klanken en parelende virtuositeit, toch nog even een plekje vrijmaken (...)

Sunday Star Times

As durable as granite, as clear as crystal. These discs are an indispensable collection. (...) It's as durable and as rock-hard as granite, withstanding any style of performance from the most rigorously authentic to the freest of jazz treatments. (...) ((...) The musicians are precise in phrasing and ensemble and Solomon plays with marvellous flexibility (...)


Exceptional playing on a superb instrument (...) This is an impressive and enjoyable cd that easily bears repeated listening (...) (...) genuine musical experience (...)

International Record Review

(WWW) (...) A technical tour de force for solo flute (...) (...) Performing at about a tone lower than modern pitch to suit his instrument, Solomon excels at the mellow and velvety and delights in the expressive potential of the breathy and wispy (...) (...) A thoroughly enjoayble disc. Roll on Volume 2.

The flying Inkpot

(...) his rendition is gracious, meditatively beautiful, wanderingly toughtful (...) (...) Very ethereal indeed and perfect fare for a quiet nights music. (...)

Technical Specifications

Digital To Analog ConverterSony
Mastering EquimentSadie Audio system
Mastering EngineerJared Sacks
Mixing ConsoleRens Heijnis Custom made
MicrophonesBruel & Kjaer, Schoeps
Analog To Digital ConverterPrism 24 bit / Genex Recorder
Recording DateSeptember 1998,1999
Recording LocationSt. Mary's Church, Weston ,Hitchin England
EditingJared Sacks
Recording Engineerjared Sacks
ProducerJared Sacks, Ashley Solomon