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Scarlatti & Handel

Katona Twins

D. Scarlatti, D. F. Händel

SKU: 14298

Year of release: 1999

1. Sonata in E Minor / Orig. C Minor Allegro D. Scarlatti 05:18
2. Sonata in E Minor/orig. C Minor Allegro D. Scarlatti 04:01
3. Sonata in C Minor Andante E Cantabile D. Scarlatti 03:15
4. Sonata in C Minor Allegro D. Scarlatti 03:44
5. Chaconne In G Major D. F. Händel 10:12
Trio Sonata Op. 2, No. 5 in Dminor / Orig. G Minor 10:05
6. Larghetto D. F. Händel 02:13
7. Allegro D. F. Händel 02:45
8. Adagio D. F. Händel 01:48
9. Allegro D. F. Händel 03:17
Suit in A Minor / Orig. D Minor 18:06
10. Prelude D. F. Händel 01:09
11. Allegro (Fugue) D. F. Händel 02:18
12. Allemande D. F. Händel 03:51
13. Courante D. F. Händel 01:37
14. Air (With 5 Variations) D. F. Händel 04:41
15. Presto D. F. Händel 04:29
Sonata in G Major / Orig. 05:48
16. Allegro D. Scarlatti 05:48
Sonata in G Majo 02:18
17. Presto D. Scarlatti 02:18
Total time: 62:51

About this album

Beside the fact that Georg Friedrich Handel and Domenico Scarlatti were born in the same year, there are many connections between the two composers. Hndel spent the years between 1706 and 1710 in Italy, studying the great traditions of Italian Opera and was particularly influenced by the work of Alessandro Scarlatti. During this time he met with Domenico Scarlatti, the son of Alessandro, and the two composers competed in a friendly musical duel arranged by the wealthy patron, Ottoboni. The composers demonstrated equal expertise in the cembalo but everyone, including Scarlatti, agreed that Hndel was a superior organist. The works recorded on this compact disc were composed originally for the harpsichord, an instrument that looks similar to a piano but whose sound quality is closer to the intimate timbre of the guitar due to the same plucking action of the strings. This was a principal reason for making these transcriptions….

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The Flying Inkpot

(...) A whole hearted recommendation indeed for all lovers of not just the guitar but the music of Handel and Scarlatti.


(...) Ze spelen verbazingwekkend goed gitaar en doen dat in perfecte harmonie samen. Uitstekende transcripties en een spel dat ver boven de dagelijkse problemen verheven is. Luister naar de verrassende, niet voor de hand liggende greep uit Scarlattis sonates, diens krachtig neergezette Toccata, de prachtig gespeelde Chaconne van Hndel of diens Trio Sonate, waarbij het duo gezelschap krijgt van de jonge cellist Liwei Qin.

International Record Review

(...) The dynamic limits of the guitar, even when there are two of them, draw the listener in to create an intensely atmospheric result.(...) (...) this release offers some very special qualities in an often fascinating performance medium.

Technical Specifications

Digital To Analog ConverterSony
Mastering EquimentSadie Audio system
Mastering EngineerJared Sacks
Mixing ConsoleRens Heijnis Custom made
MicrophonesBruel & Kjaer, Schoeps
Analog To Digital ConverterPrism 24 bit / Genex Recorder
Recording DateMay 1999
Recording LocationResnswoude - The Netherlands
EditingJared Sacks
Recording Engineerjared Sacks
ProducerJared Sacks