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One Of A Kind

State of the Art in Contemporary Dance

Pieter Wispelwey, Brett Dean, Nederlands Kamerkoor

Brett Dean

SKU: 12898

Year of release: 1998

1. Act One, Part One Brett Dean 14:57
2. Act One, Part Two Brett Dean 13:27
3. Act Two, Part One Brett Dean 10:08
4. Act Two, Part Two Brett Dean 10:26
5. Act Three Brett Dean 19:34
Total time: 68:34

About this album

To Bach, all music was to be a form of worship. In his famed biography of Bach, Albert Schweitzer stated, “All great art, even secular, (was) in itself religious in his eyes; for him the tones do not perish, but ascend to God like praise too deep for utterance.” As such, every condition of the artistic endeavor—the quality of the music, the motivation, and the work required to create and execute it—was to reflect the Creator.
Humility, discipline and perseverance played a large role in making his musical worship so outstanding. He viewed his own talent as a divine gift and invariably assumed a humble stance when asked about his success with counterpoint. Bach stated, “I have had to work hard; anyone who works equally hard will be able to do as much.” The Goldberg Variations, BWV 988, one of the greatest works in the keyboard repertoire, demonstrate this conviction. The Aria and thirty variations reveal Bach’s motivation to glorify God through discipline……

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Cage und Gesualdo, Britten, afrikanische Trommeln und tibetanische Gesnge-wie geht das zusammen? Ganz Einfach: Brett Dean, australische Bratschist wurde beauftragt Musik fr das Nederlands Dans Theater zu schreiben. Zu diesem Zeitpunkt war er bereits durch Filmmusik und Orchesterwerke aufgefallen. Was Pieter Wispelwey hier als solist mit gekonnter Verve auffhrt, hat eine eigentmliche Qualitt-vertraute Hr-Partikel in neuen Zusammenhngen, fremd und doch vertraut. (...)

Technical Specifications

Digital To Analog ConverterSony
Mastering EquimentSadie Audio system
Mastering EngineerJared Sacks
Recording DateJanuary 1998
Recording LocationBerlin, sydney, Den Haag
EditingDick Heuff, Peter Gross,
Recording EngineerDick Heuff, Peter Gross,
ProducerBrett Dean