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G. F. Händel Cantatas Sonatas

Derek Lee Ragin, Alson Gangler, Susanne Harti

G. F. Händel

SKU: 0890

Year of release: 1990

1. Lungi da me pensier tiranno G. F. Händel 09:33
2. Sonata in F major for oboe and basso cont. G. F. Händel 07:51
3. Siete rose ruggiadose G. F. Händel 09:33
4. Udite il mio consiglio G. F. Händel 14:47
5. sonata in c minor for oboe and basso cont. G. F. Händel 06:23
6. Carco sempre di gloria G. F. Händel 12:59
Total time: 61:09

About this album

‘Very long, long arias and almost endless cantatas which have neither the right skill nor the right taste, though their harmony is perfect.’ wrote Johann Mattheson about the twenty year old Händel in Hamburg in ‘Grunlagen einder Ehrenpforte’. According to Mattheson it was only after Händel had gained some experience with opera that his works acquired the necessary refinement.

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(...) An excellent disc of chamber cantatas (...)