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Baroque Lute Recital

Toyohiko Satoh

Johann Sebastian Bach, Silvius Leopold Weiss, Jacques Gallot, Toyohiko Satoh

SKU: 0490

Year of release: 1990

1. Chaconne from: Partita BWV 1004 Johann Sebastian Bach 17:01
2. Andante from: Sonata BWV 1003 Johann Sebastian Bach 05:14
L'Infidele 22:11
3. Entrée Silvius Leopold Weiss 03:56
4. Courante Silvius Leopold Weiss 02:57
5. Sarabande Silvius Leopold Weiss 04:57
6. Menuet Silvius Leopold Weiss 02:24
7. Muzette Silvius Leopold Weiss 04:40
8. Paysanne Silvius Leopold Weiss 03:13
9. folies d'Espagne Jacques Gallot 05:35
10. Tombeau de Mr. D. Philips 1982 Toyohiko Satoh 04:37
Total time: 54:40

About this album

The period spanning from the second half of the seventeenth century until the second half of the eighteenth century was the last important era for the development of lute music. The art of the lutenists, which flourished mainly in the early and middle baroque, influenced the compositions and performance practice of the clavecinists in the middle and late baroque periods.

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