Browser Information Tool

(For Download Troubleshooting)

Step 1
: Select your Operating System and read our FAQs.


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Step 2: Use this tool. 

The page below will analyze your computer system and your browser and report to us on all relevant data that may help us solve your technical issues.

If your Java is set to "highest" security level, you may need to temporarily lower it to "high" in order for the Browser Information Tool to detect your Java installation. This information about your Java installation is indispensable to our technicians in assisting you with troubleshooting. Remember to switch your Java security back to "highest" after submitting your information. 

If you have not already logged in to your account please do so first so we can make sure that we know who to contact after you send us your information. If you are asked to accept a Java applet on this page (sometimes this will show up at the top or bottom of the page in the browser) please accept it. This Java applet will test and report on your installed Java version. If you see anything on the page that indicates a failed test, this may be our first clue as to what is wrong.

Please fill out the additional information at the bottom and be as descriptive as you can, then enter the captcha letters and Submit the form. No personal or confidential information will be sent, only the details of your installation. If you have a problem, you will be contacted as soon as possible by Channel Classics Staff or our technical support service.

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