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ABOUT THE FESTIVAL  24 t/m 30 September

Since its humble beginnings, Trondheim Chamber Music Festival has been an adventure.

The Trondheim Chamber Music Festival was established in 1996 as a small festival featuring friends and musicians from Trondheim, run by two friends from a studio bedroom and various café tables around Trondheim. Now eighteen years later it has become one of the most innovative chamber music festivals in the world with a staff of four, based at Dokkhuset in the heart of Trondheim. The festival is attracting attention from all over the world.

“Trondheim’s Chamber Music Festival turned 20 this year, and it feels like a healthy,
well-balanced 20-year-old: young, confident, firmly rooted in its community.”
Financial Times, 29/9-15

Chamber music is communication on a high level, intimate, beautiful and challenging. Chamber music holds a central place in the hearts of and in the production of, our most respected and beloved composers of all periods. Since 1996 the festival has aimed to find the balance between being innovative, audience friendly and presenting a program of high quality. Through the festival, the Trondheim International Chamber Music Competition (TICC) and the Trondheim International Chamber Music Academy (TICA), give young international and national chamber music ensembles, the chance to develop their career.

The Festival aims to be a yearly international and national arena for chamber music in different genres of high quality and innovation, based in Trondheim. Already in 1996 the Trondheim Chamber Music Festival had a program which was of international standard. The establishment of TICC an TICA has helped attract a great deal of international attention to the festival, as has the presentation of the festival composer program. Ensemble music of high quality is not genre defined or art specific and therefore the festival presents concerts combining music with literature, dance, food and the fine arts. In 2004 we introduced a family day at Ringve museum. A day dedicated to children.

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Trondheim kammermusikkfestival
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Phone.: +47 400 41 120
E-mail: trondheim (a) kamfest.no

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7014 Trondheim

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