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BBC Music Magazine: ‘Chamber Choice’ for RACHEL PODGER

Great news! This month’s BBC Music Magazine “Chamber Choice” goes to Grandissima Gravita by Rachel Podger & Brecon Baroque!

Rachel Podger, inevitably, is the star, but ultimately the disc’s compulsive spell is down to the triumph of ensemble chemistry. Even the humblest of cello lines is elevated beyond functionality into something expressive and integral to the overall effect. Bewitching.”

Congratulations on the BBC Chamber Choice, 5 ***** for Performance and 5 ***** for Recording, Rachel Podger, Alison McGillivray, Daniele Caminiti, Marcin Świątkiewicz, Jared Sacks and Jonathan Freeman-Attwood!!

For more information, the SACD and Downloads, visit the album page:

Grandissima Gravita


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