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Rosanne Philippens and Ebony Quartet on Dutch TV & Radio

Rosanne Philippens performed music from the new CD ‘Rosanne Philippens plays Prokofiev’ live in Spiegelzaal on Radio 4 yesterday morning and will appear in Kunststof  on NPO Radio 1 tonight 7pm-8pm CET.
Listen live here

Ebony Quartet performed music from the new CD ‘Unheard’ on Dutch TV Show Vrije Geluiden yesterday.
Watch & Listen here

Both CDs/Downloads will be available right here on this website later this week. For DSD Downloads, please visit:
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Autumn Sale: We Got You Covered!

Not in blankets, but in music that will warm you up during these first cold days of Autumn!
A.o.: Rachel Podger, Amsterdam Sinfonietta, Rick Stotijn, Ragazze Quartet, Johannette Zomer, Ning Feng, Rosanne Philippens

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Werner Herbers guides you through “Unheard” music

Werner Herbers – founder & leader of the Ebony Band – presents the brand new album ‘Unheard‘ by the Ebony Quartet in this video. He discusses the composers and repertoire while you can also see and hear the recording session of this album.

‘Unheard’ by Ebony Quartet [CCS40517, Channel Classics 2017]
# CD Premieres with music from the Interwar Period #

Click here to go to the Album Page

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Experience the recording session of: “JuSt BACH” by Johannette Zomer, Bart Schneemann & Tulipa Consort

Feel as if you are present at the recording session of one of the finest works for soprano, baroque oboe and ensemble by Johann Sebastian Bach: ‘Liebster Jesu, Mein Verlangen’ BWV 32 by watching this video:

Johannette Zomer (soprano), Bart Schneemann (baroque oboe) and Tulipa Consort will release their CD “JuSt BACH” on September 17th in Grote Kerk Naarden, The Netherlands.

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Ragazze Quartet releases CD at their Festival “September Me”

Exciting! The first edition of Ragazze Quartet’s very own festival ‘September Me‘ takes place September 15-17 in Amersfoort, The Netherlands.

At the Opening Concert ‘Bier, Beethoven, Bradwurst’ they will present their brand new CD:

Felix Mendelssohn’s String Quartet Opus 13
Ludwig van Beethoven’s String Quartet Opus 132.

Tickets and more info

See you there?