Ensemble Piacevole

Piacevole was founded in 1990 by double-bass player Ludo Joly. Piacevole is also an Italian musical term meaning ‘agreeably, pleasantly, easily’, applying both to the music the group is making and to the attitude with which they approach their art. A German critic rightly wrote: ‘Alle Musiker von Piacevole musizierten mit einer bewunderenswerten Leichtigkeit und Fröhlichkeit, die man wirklich ‘piacevole’ nennen konte’. The joy and lightness in their playing indeed is really catching. The core of the ensemble is the string quintet which can be extended in various ways. They can create an intimate chamber music atmosphere, at times they sound like a full orchestra, and they accompany solo pieces. Indeed, a considerable part of their repertoire in the past used to be played by piacevole-like ensembles. Original and very enriching for the group is their collaboration with the magnificent bandoneon player Alfredo Marcucci. Their repertoire is wide-ranging, from baroque via the classical and romantic masters to 20th century music including contemporary composers.