Alba Musica Kyo

Ensemble Alba Musica Kyo The group was founded in 1981 by the lutenist Toyohiko Satoh, along with other Japanese musicians living in the Netherlands who specialize in early music. The composition of the group varies for each project, with up to seven members being chosen from a regular core depending on the programme. Alba Music Kyo performs the music of the 14th-century Ars Nova (e.g. Machaut, Landini), 16th-century Elizabethan music (John Dowland, the music of Shakespeare), 17th-century Italian monody (Monteverdi, Frescobaldi), and contemporary music including Satoh’s own compositions (some of which are based on traditional Japanese melodies).
The lute is at the heart of the ensemble, complemented by voice, woodwind, strings and percussion. The Japanese word kyo can mean ‘the capital’, ‘today’, ‘crazy’, ‘bridge’ or ‘harmony’, and alba means ‘dawn’ or ‘beginning’, so the group’s name could be taken to mean ‘the dawn of today’s music’, ‘the beginning of crazy music’, or even ‘the start of noble Japanese music’, and so on. Alba Music Kyo has toured most of Europe, including Spain, Portugal and Hungary, as well as Canada and Japan. This is our fifth CD for Channel Classics.