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Physical Products


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About CDs and SACDs

All CD’s and SACD’s that can be played using ANY regular CD player. The resolution of a CD is 44.1 kHZ, 2 channels. The resolution of SACD is 2.8 MHZ when played on an SACD player, includes both 2-channel and 5-channel layers. The 5-channel layer can only be played by an SACD player. To play the high resolution layer contained on SACDs, you will need an SACD player. Again, any SACD disc can be played on a regular CD player too, though at 44.1 kHZ.

Digital Products

To get the highest quality, choose DSD whenever available, but be sure you have software that can play these files.¬†We offer all recordings made in DSD as tagged .dsf data for those recordings made in this domain, complete with metadata and album art. For those who are not familiar with DSD audio: it’s a one bit, 2.8MHz audio format and the closest digital representation of acoustic sounds available. For more in-depth information about DSD, we recommend this explanatory article. You can find many more DSD album downloads on

More information about unzipping and flac playback can be found here.


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