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Click the “TRY IT NOW” button to the right to receive our downloader application. Save the EDDSDownloader.jnlp file to your hard-drive and then double-click it to launch the downloader. (Depending on your browser version and system settings, your browser may auto-launch the application or otherwise require you to double-click the .JNLP file in your downloads folder.)  

This special test downloader will deliver you 4 versions of the same track, in 4 different sample rates,  including DSD  2  directly from Channel Classics. 

By performing this test download BEFORE purchasing any digital audio files from our site, you will confirm that the Channel Classics Downloader program works on your computer system.

On a first-time install you will be asked to approve the installation. The downloader will then present you with a screen allowing you to start the file download – PRESS THE DOWNLOAD BUTTON.    

Try it Now - hear the difference

Free (test) Download of the Moment -

Rachel Podger - Brecon Baroque
Vivaldi L'Estro Armonico - Concerto No. 5 in A Major - Allegro

If you like this demo track,
please take a look at the full album!

Channel Classics Downloader Application

Once downloaded, please play the downloaded files to confirm that you have the necessary software and equipment to play these types of files before purchasing them.

If you cannot get the Channel Classics Downloader to launch or you are experiencing any difficulties, please visit our FAQs.

Destination File Folder

After the test files are delivered to your computer the Downloader will open the destination file folder on your computer.  In it, you will find audio files in various formats.

Play the samples!  Test the sampling rate file that best matches your system to ensure that you have the necessary software and equipment to play them.
Thank you!