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Posted By: Joao Bastos
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Joined Date: 30 May 2013
Audioengine for Sennheiser 650D headphones.
Posted : 30 May 2013
Posted By: Terry Franklin
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Joined Date: 22 May 2013
Correction: I use an M2Tech Young DAC. I use the Joplin to record vinyl at high resolution.
Posted : 22 May 2013
Posted By: Terry Franklin
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Joined Date: 22 May 2013
I use an M2Tech Joplin which can play up to 384/32. I use JRiver as my media player and it decodes DSD files at 352.2 @ 64 bits and I play them back at 352.2/32. Not bad for PCM.
Posted : 22 May 2013
Posted By: Marek Walczak
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Joined Date: 16 May 2013
I run the following setup:
JRiver MC18 => ASIO USB => DAC => Denon PMA-700AE => Dali Zensor 7.

where the DAC is either:
Cambridge Audio DacMagic 100

Both dacs are connected to separate line inputs of Denon PMA-700AE.

DacMagic is used to listen to music while TASCAM (which essentially is an an external USB sound-card) is used more for playing of windows sounds through rest of the stereo setup or for evaluating of room acoustics or for recording to PC.
Posted : 16 May 2013
Posted By: Rikkert // Channel Classics
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Joined Date: 19 Apr 2012
Here is an updated (huge) list of DAC's that Channel listeners use:

- My DAC is a Wavelength Silver Crimson/Denominator Module
- I'm using a CEntrance DACport, which is a really great portable DAC.
- I have three DA converters – a Weiss DAC202, Naim DAC, and for portable use, a Centrance DACport. The Naim DAC is a part of my home system
- I am currently using and Audio Research DAC 8.
- I purchased the PerfectWave from PSA.
- I ran it through Media Monkey and dbPoweramp
- system:XP with Asio4All,J.River MC15,Audiophilleo 2 USB to S/PDIF-converter with Aqvox USB power supply,Eastern Electric Mini Max DAC(ES 9018 DAC-chip) with LME49990 op-amps .
- I have the Music Streamer II+ from High Resolution Technologies
Cambridge Audio DacMagic.
- That goes by USB to a Musical Fidelity Link to a Benchmark DAC 1.
- I play 192/24 tracks on Linn Akurate DS
- Apogee Duet 2 and about 20 megabits/second
- My laptop (with Foobar) decodes 24/192 just fine.
- The DAC I use is a CEntrance DACport; so far I have listened using Pure Music (by Channel D) and Audio Technica ATH-AD900 headphones
- I am using MediaMonkey manager and burning 44.1 discs for
playback. I am in the process of putting together a music server which c/o Toshiba, 18" display e/w HS USB ports per Audio Research app. The DAC is Audio Research DAC-8 e/w dual dacs per chan. This dac formats up to 192/24.
- My playback system is a Mach 2 Music MacMini Music Server into a DB Labs USB Tranquiliy DAC
- I downloaded onto my Macbook laptop and using software called XLD converted the FLAC file to Apple lossless which then plays via iTunes
I have an Arcam rDAC which I stream via USB and then via analogue interconnects to my headphone amp and then on to my headphones. I also stream to my Arcam solo and my main hi fi
- The DAC I am using is just a DIY kit.
- I´m using AIMP2 to listen to flac, wav and other music formats.
- The DAC is a Xitel Hifilink (Usb to analogue stereo)
- I am using a PSAudio PWD DAC, into a Mark Levinson amp and B&W 802d speakers
- Linn Klimax and playing it through my Unison Research S8 valve amp
- I’m using an iMac>Berkeley Alpha USB>Berkeley Alpha DAC for playback – 24/192 whenever possible.

I am using an HT Omega Claro Halo sound card in my computer. This card has an internal, excellent DAC.
The secret to success is twofold:
1. Use ASIO drivers
2. The output of this (or any) sound card connected to a stereo system should include a Jensen ISO-MAX
model CI-2RR isolation transformer in the signal path.

I have a Weiss DAC 202.

DAC is Ayre QB-9 USB DAC upgraded to 24/192Khz.
I’m using an iMac>Berkeley Alpha USB>Berkeley Alpha DAC for playback – 24/192

I chose 24/96 as I use USB through a musical Fidelity V-DacII. This Dac will upsample to 24/192

I stream my files from a PC using JRiver software through an Asus Xonar Essence sound card. Output is through SPDIF to a Moon 300D DAC plugged into a Moon i5.3 amp hooked up to Thiel CS2.4 speakers.

I own a Linn Majik DS which can play the 192/24 downloads.

I'm using a Squeezebox Transporter connect to a Wyred4Sound DAC2. Squeezebox
server is running on a home-built 2 core Linux machine.
I feel I have a quite revealing system consisting of a Benchmark USB DAC1 PRE that is capable of reproducing 24/192, but following the advice of John Siau of Benchmark I opted for the 24/96 solution. Also, I am using iTunes on an Apple computer, and the built-in software, Core Audio, is limited to 96kHz. I am, however, very much in doubt about whether to go for 96kHz or 192kHz. Sometimes I use VLC, which on 24/192 recordings does show a higher bitrate, but ultimately I think the signal is limited by Core Audio.

The rest of my system is pretty unorthodox in that I am using a Berning MicroZOTL tube headphone amp for amplification. It only has 1 watt but this is sufficient for driving my Klipschorns (Heresy corner horns) to very high sound levels. The sound itself is pretty amazing - detailed and effortless.

I will think about comments and suggestions to your website and contact you again if I come up with anything. So far I am pleased with what I consider the best recordings I have heard anywhere on the internet. I wish all digital recordings had this level, and I would not miss analogue that much.

I have a 2009 iMac running OS X Lion (10.7.2), and I used XLD to convert the FLAC files to Apple Lossless, which is how I store my music files. (I listen using Apple Lossless at home, but convert to 256 mp3 for listening via my iPhone.)
download the files at a speed of around 1.5 - 2 Mb/sec (which is about the limit of my internet connection), I use a Cambridge Audio DACMagic Plus as a DAC

DAC is Musical Fidelity M1 DAC.

I play my music with my iMac - Decibel-software - Weiss Int203 - Devialet D-Premier

I did download the whole album in approximately 60 minutes. I am currently using a Cambridge Audio - Dac Magic - DAC converter. This model in particular is able to play at 24 bits / 96kHz. Also, just to say I do connect my notebook to a M2Tech - HiFace Digital Audio Interface which is likewise connected to the aforementioned DAC. By the way, as a Media Player I use Foobar2000.

Regarding DACs, I have 2 setups, one includes a Blacknote DAC30 (an assyncronous USB 2.0 DAC with a valve output stage); in the other setup I use a firewire M-Audio interface (a profire 610) to send an spdif signal to a Lyndgorf Millennium – which is a power dac or a full digital amplifier that only has digital inputs.

I use an Apogee Mini-DAC with a FireWire port to play my 192/24 files.

I am using a logitech Squeezebox Touch as a server to a V-Dac DAC to my stereo.

My Hifi is by Linn, and is fantastic. It is an Akurate DSM and Akurate 4200 power amp, biamping PMC OB1i speakers. I use an iPAD to control it, using Chorus DS usually, but also Songbook and Kinsky

Currently I use a HRT music streamer II DAC (only capable of 24/96) but I intend to upgrade soon to something that can take 24/192.

I'm using a NuForce portable DAC that does not handle
192/24, being limited to 96/24. However, Media Monkey does the conversion
nicely. In fact, I'm quite new to portable audiophile systems, and am still
learning. Being on the road 5/7, I wanted a relatively good and light
solution. I believe I put together a decent one - the NuForce DAC &
headphone amplifier does its job, a top-quality USB gold cable helps, and my
new B&W P5 represent a great compromise between quality and portability. I'm
using J River and MediaMonkey as library managers. However, I'm reproducing
sound via a minimalist player, JPlay - great sound indeed.

I’m using an Arcam rDAC connected by spdif to a Julia soundcard (ASUS i5 2nd gen pc, Windows 7 (64bit), JRMedia Centre, Julia/rDAC, Hafler pre/power, Totem STTF spkrs).

I'm using Signalyst on Windows 7 64bit and the DAC is MyTek Stereo192

I stream files to my Logitech, then the go into my Hegel HD10 DAC

17" MacBook Pro with 8GB of RAM and 256GB SSD
Lion, Pure Music and iTunes
Locus Design Polestar USB Cable
HRT Music Streamer Pro
Cardas balanced adapter cables
Blossom Blo-0299 balanced headphone amp with Welborne labs power supply
Moon Audio Black Dragon balanced Denon AH-D5000 headphones

At home, I have a Mac mini with Snow Leopard, Pure Music and iTunes feeding a Sonicweld Diverter HR and a Berkeley Audio Design Alpha DAC (the original version) with all Locus Design cables except for a Moon Audio Blue Dragon USB cable. The Mac mini has 8GB of RAM with a 128GB SSD and the music is on a FireWire-connected LaCie RAID 1 drive with incremental backups done manually using SilverKeeper.

I have a pc based system downloading files to an ASUS computer, running Windows 7 and playing music with WINAMP, then I lead the signal to an AYRE QB9 DAC via USB port, then to my PASS amplifier. Opera Callas Diva loudspeakers. Kimber and Atlas cables and power cord

MacBook Pro of een Squeezebox Touch, beide d.m.v. digitale uitgang via een Cambrige Audio DACMagic op een Marantz eindversterker.

Dell Latitude D830 with Intel CPU 2.2 GHz, 3.5 GB RAM, 120 GB Hard Disk, Windows XP fully updated.
J River Media Center 17 used only for audio (this software has impressed me).
Cambridge Audio DacMagic Plus with support for USB 2.0 24 bit/192 kHz ASIO.
TacT RCS 2.2X including digital room correction.
Lyngdorf CD-1 used only as a CD-transport with 192 kHz upsamling for the TacT RCS 2.2X.
Marantz SA-11S1 with 2-channel SACD only.
ADAM Audio Tensor Delta (Active 3-ways loudspeakers under control of the TacT RCS 2.2X).
Dynaudio SUB 300 (Active sub-woofers as separate pairs for both left and right under control of the TacT RCS 2.2X).

My replay system is an Aurender S10 and an Audio Research DAC8 (kimber select cables, Dynavector amps and Shahinian Hawk speakers). Your download unzips itself in the designated directory. I simply copy the root folder (with contents of course) to the Aurender. The Aurender plays flac files (among other formats) and the iPad app reads the metadata so selecting the album and playing it is easy.
If I'm working at my desk , my simple and not that good sounding replay is from my Mac Pro using Decibel through the audio out on the Mac to my Tivoli Audio Radio 2 which has a little sub woofer as well.

My download speed is about 500kbytes/second (on a pontential 20Mb/1Mb net).
I am using an async 192/24 Calyx DAC (ESS9018), and a modified (DCA Cu outputfilter) TDAI 2175.

I am using an Audioengine D1 DAC with a Mac Book Pro. I use the optical output for > 96Khz bit rates.
I use Fidelia by Audiofile as my player software.

Tranquil PC ( made in UK) with SSD
Weiss DAC2
Chord Electronics power amp (SPA 1232)
Wilson Benesch Discovery speakers
Software: Mostly Foobar 2000

I use a PS Audio Perfect Wave DAC MK II.

AIFF files > Mac Mini > Amarra Symphony or Audirvana Plus > M2Tech Hiface2 > M2Tech Young > Placette Volume Control Unit > B&K EX442 Power Amp > Ohm Acoustics 5000 speakers.

I download to dedicated Win 7 HDD music server with Sonata software then play back with Cambridge DACMAGIC Plus using their Win 7 ASIO USB drivers

My playback chain is Logitech Media Server (v7.8beta) running on a ReadyNas Ultra 2 Plus, Squeezebox Touch (v7.8beta) with Enhanced Digital Out for 24/192 capability and S/PDIF-AES/EBU to a Devialet D-Premier amplifier. Speakers are modified KEF Q300.

Oppo BDP-93, Denon AVR-591, SV Sound SCS-02(M) speakers, and a NEC sw300 Sub woofer. To get the 24/192 to play I simply place it on my 3TB external drive, plug the USB into the port on the Oppo and that's it.

I do have a Linn Akurate DS (mk 1), a class-A Luxmann amplifier and my music is mainly stored on a QNAP 1-bay NAS (some remains on my Apple Macbook pro). I stream music form the Nas or directly from my Mac through my Wifi network.

I'm using a Mac Mini>Metric Halo LIO 8>McCormack DNA1 Dlx monoblocks>Aerial 10T

Windows 8 PC, Cisco router, Synology server, Cambridge Audio netwerk speler NP3, Cambridge Audio Dacmagic 100 convertor, NAD versterker en Final luidsprekers.

I read the files on a ProJect Stream Box DS linked to my Naim HiFI system with Kef Reference 105/3 loudspeakers.

I have a 100Mb download/ 5Mb upload connection via Virgin Media - it can be very fast!
I use the built in converter of my OPPO BD105 - i've tried many mid-range DACs and I'm very happy with the OPPO. I stream via a Synology DS212J - the OPPO is a DLNA renderer so it sees the NAS. I also use Amarra with a Macbook Air, USB into the OPPO

I use Pure Music with iTunes 11 (or Audirvana Plus) + HRT MicroStreamer (or Dragonfly) + Arrow 4G + Beyer dt880 (250 ohm)

AIMP3 (v3.20, build 1165) to convert the flac files into PCM and feed via the SPDIF passthrough interface on an Asus Xonar DSX audio card in my desktop computer to a Denon AVR-686

through a Naim UnitQute which does the digital to analogue decode into my Roksan Kandy K2 amp and PMC DB1i speakers. This is mid range Hi Fi (about £4.5k) and sounds glorious. I have a Synology NAS drive for storage.

I play back my files with Decibel software and a NuForce uDac2 and Sennheiser headphones or streaming to my Exposure – Dynaudio hifi through a Squeezebox Touch and a Musical Fidelity v-DAC.
Posted : 2 May 2013

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