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Posted By: Jeffrey Steingarten
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Joined Date: 9 Jul 2013
Today I placed this order and paid for it: CHANNELCLASSICS_3850_PODGER34113_13733985607963
I downloaded the downloader once and then several times again.
Then I tried to launch it and was told that it was running in the background or, alternately, that I should use the icon already in the tray. A right-click on the icon did produce an "about" choice, but contrary to the troubleshooting advice, there was no button or choice that would open and send a log.
When I click on "Open eClassic Download Manager" a nearly blank screen appears with on this on it: "LAST CHECK" then a long number, then a "0"
Yes, my music download is ready and waiting for me. But I can't figure out how to download it.
I'd much appreciate a solution.
Posted : 9 Jul 2013
Posted By: Busser
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Joined Date: 20 Jun 2012
Thanks, today I downloaded Fisher/Dvorak 8+9 on my laptop.
I earlier tried to change I.E 07 to I.E 0.8, witth no sucess.

Some days ago downloaded a 192/24 file with no troubles on my main pc, which has
been non accessible for some weeks due to monitor troubles.

A wish: the download e.g Fisher/90110 is only marked with this name,
making difficult to recognize which which file this really is.

Thanks for for very good hd downloads.

Posted : 3 Jul 2012
Posted By: Busser
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Joined Date: 20 Jun 2012
Trying to download
which is marked ready to download, launching the download is denied.

The error message from the downloader is:
"Unsigned application requesting unrestricted access to system"

Microsoft Windows XP
Version 2002
Service Pack 3
I.E. 07
Posted : 25 Jun 2012
Posted By: Busser
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Joined Date: 20 Jun 2012
Thanks, now download of Fisher/Mahler 4 works.
Posted : 23 Jun 2012
Posted By: Busser
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Joined Date: 20 Jun 2012
So far I have downloaded 5 of your magnificant albums (192/24),
the Ning Feng being the best SQ I have heard (CALYX DAC).
But The Download 100004168 was charge 20€ but the channel club
invoked a deduct of 25%: CHANNELCLUB-1865-5TEVYUREDI.
Why cant I download Fisher/Mahler 4, when I press BUY, the the
Download/checkout page never shows up.
At the finish of the download, the download page is difficult to get
rid off.
After the download I want to copy (or move) the album to music
directory, but the album is only identified by a number, so I have
to go through some steps to rename the album.

I know only another site with this quality: BlueCoast,
so Keep it up.
Posted : 20 Jun 2012

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