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Posted By: Jared Sacks
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I want to give my thoughts concerning the sound quality of the glass recording in english because others have also had there concerns on this.
Lavinia and I have used the same church and set up for two other recordings we have done in the past. Our only thoughts were that on listening back we would put the mics a little further back because of the nature of the music being more meditative so that the sound would flow more. I think right or wrong this is the problem for those that have issues with this recording.
These pieces are all arranged in such that it is pretty much in the middle and low register on the harp. Since the harp has no damping, these frequencies continue to sound. That plus the church and the incredible amount of overtones seems to be too much and even a negative factor for some listeners.
I have to grin since you say that the quality of the audio of the video clip sounds better than the audio cd. I can assure you it is exactly the same master tape with nothing changed. Only difference is that the Imac (that you write about as an example) does not have any low frequency below 300 hertz! So here is an example where bad quality seems to sound better to you.
In the meantime 15000 copies have been sold in holland with only a handful of remarks concerning the sound. On hindsight I agree this could be a problem for some listeners and I take it very seriously.
A dilemma since I try never to do post production which would entail going through the processor again that would have an effect on the quality of the recording. But experience now shows that for this kind of music I should have
approached the recording differently since most of the playing is in the lower register. With the harp and no damping for some listeners this seems to make listening experience conceived as a bad recording
It is not poor sound quality, it is what ones hears when sitting in front of the harp on the 5th row in this church.
Sometimes post production manipulation is done to ' enhance' a recording.
But this is of course subjective since everyone listens differently.
To my ears and that of Lavinia, we did not at anytime feel the need to go down that path.

Jared Sacks

Posted : Jan 10, 2013
Posted By: Karl Peters
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De CCS SA 33912 die ik onlangs via Cosmox heb aangeschaft valt tegen in geluidskwaliteit.

Ik draai deze hybride schijf op een Blu-ray speler en luister via Marantz AV7005 voor- en Rotel -eindversterker naar de muziek van Philip Glass uitgevoerd door Lavinia Meijer.

Vanaf het eerste moment viel de afwijkende akoestiek al op, het ergste moest nog komen, de resonanties in het laag en midden gebied van het spectrum overstemmen alle tonen in de hogere regionen, ik weet niet beter te omschrijven dan dat ik dacht de bandtweeters in mijn Vector speakers hebben het begeven...

Om dit uit te sluiten meteen een oude opname van een harp concert van Handel gecheckt, hier is de harp wel sprankelend in het hoog, gelukkig zijn niet de speakers defect.

Ik las in andere recensies dat het luisteren over een 5 kanaal installatie deze problemen niet aan de orde zijn, edoch ben ik vooralsnog een fervent stereo luisteraar en hoop op een tevredenstellende manier naar deze schitterende muziek te kunnen luisteren, wellicht op CD niveau.

De videoclip van YouTube op iMac klinkt nog beter dan de SACD op goede stereoset !

Posted : Jan 9, 2013

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