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Joined Date: 13 May 2012
Here are the details of the new exD-Audio DSD DAC:-

Two digital inputs: USB and SPDIF (user selectable from front panel),
1. USB
True asynchronous mode operation
USB Audio Class 2.0 compliant
PCM playback up to 384kHz
DSD playback of DSD64 and DSD128 (6.144MHz max.)
Compatible with DoP v1 specification
Support for Mac OS X without special driver (10.6 and after), support Audirvana Plus "Direct" and "Integer" modes
Support for Linux without special driver (Alsa version 1.0.24 or later)
Support for Windows XP, Vista and Win 7 (32 and 64 bit), driver (WDM and ASIO) will be provided
True 75 ohm BNC input
Receive up to 192k/24bit data
3. DAC
Dual dacs in dual differential configuration
4. Front Panel Digital Display
PCM - Sample Rate
DSD - DSD64 or DSD128

Analogue Stage:
Low noise shunt regulated power supply
Discrete Class A output buffers
Dual differential achitecture
RCA unbalanced outputs
XLR balanced outputs
Output impedance: <100ohm unbalanced, <200ohm balanced
Output voltage: 2V Unbalanced, 4V Balanced


make sure your player will play DSD in NATIVE form and convert it to PCM.

If you are interested let me know and I will keep you informed on price and availability.
Posted : 1 Oct 2012
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The latest exD DSD DAC is about to be launched. It is a DUAL DIFFERENTIAL DAC that will play DSD natively and play PCM up to 24/192. On a Mac you need AUDIRVANA PLUS, which is a great player for native DSD as well as PCM. It will convert DSD to PCM and then export it to iTunes to make a CD. It will integrate with iTunes or not as you like.

If you use a PC then any of the DSD player will be fine.

More details on the exD DSD DAC very shortly. I am hoping to offer this to the UK and EU very soon.

Posted : 26 Sep 2012
Posted By: Jared Sacks
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I have not been able to try the Sonore that playsback DSD. We have been contacting all
the hardware manufacturers so that we can start doing some testing here and hope to have some answers in the coming months. It is great to see that there is a good deal of positive movement to support DSD native downloads
Posted : 6 Sep 2012
Posted By: Jose Oliveira
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Do you have more news regarding the Sonore exD? Did you try it?

Where can I read information regarding the "new one out soon"?

Posted : 3 Sep 2012
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If you have a Mac then try Audirvana. This is free but will not play native DSD unless you upgrade to the Plus version. The cost is very low at about £35 and worth every penny of it (or any other currency) so its as good as free for macs

You can integrate it with iTunes or use it as a stand alone player. If you do not have a DSD DAC yet it will convert DSD files to PCM at the maximum your DAC will accept. For me a DSD file even converted to PCM 24/96 is far better than an original PCM file. It seems more open and more realistic. A great palyer.

The only problem is getting a DSD DAC at a price that is not for professionals. There is one that is worth looking at - exD-audio (from Japan) offer one through Sonore in the USA . I am trying to get them to get a distributor in the UK/Europe so that buying is a lot easier for us who are subject to VAT. They are also bringing a new one out soon so keep looking on the internet.

I think DSD has to be the future for audiophiles and although expensive at the moment the more that becomes available I am sure the prices will drop. To me the sound is as close to the real thing as one could get. It's vinyl without the clicks and bangs!

Posted : 16 Jul 2012

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