Channel Club

Channel Club is a welcome addition to the Channel Classics website. It means we have started giving you, the customer, points for every download and CD you buy on our website. After collecting 200 points you will receive a coupon for a 25% discount, which can be used for any 1 item. On this page you will find an explanation on how it works.


When you buy and/or download music on this website, you will get points equivalent to the length of the music (in minutes). This means, both for purchasing digital albums and for seperate digital tracks, you will receive 1 point per minute of music you download. When you buy a physical cd on this website, you will earn 70 points at once, no matter the length of the cd. To sum it up:

• Digital track = 1  point per minute
• Digital album = 1 point per minute
• CD (physical) = 70 points


After collecting 200 points you will automatically receive a coupon for a 25% discount, in your e-mail inbox. This coupon can be used for any of our albums or tracks. You can use it for only 1 item at a time, which also means you can only buy 1 item when using the discount. This coupon is good for three months!


As soon as you receive the discount coupon in your e-mail inbox, you can use it for any of our albums or downloads at your next purchase, by following these steps:

Login to your Channel Classics account on our website
• Choose the item you wish to purchase (select one item only, otherwise the coupon won't work)
• Proceed to the checkout
• Enter the coupon code (copy and paste the code from the coupon you received)
• Click on "apply coupon"

The 200 points will be deducted after you receive the coupon, but the rest will stay on your account. It's important to note that, in order to make sure you apply the coupon for only 1 item, the system blocks any additional items. Therefore, please make sure that you have only 1 item in your cart, when checking out. This 1 item can be any item of your choice, no matter if it's a physical cd, a complete digital album, or just 1 seperate digital track.


• You can see the amount of points you've collected, when you login to your Channel Classic account. Go to "My Account" and click on "Channel Club" (circled in green in the exemplary image on the right). Here you will find the number of points and any additional information on your Channel Club.

• A coupon will expire automaticly 3 months after you first received it.

Using Channel Club doesn't oblige you to anything, it's just a way of giving our loyal customers something extra.

• If you have further questions, do not hesitate to contact us at