C H A N N E L o f c h i n a
CCS SA 80807
Hello Mr. Paganini’
Ning Feng, violin & Thomas Hope,
CCS SA 80908
Chinese Lieder’
various composers
Jingma Fan, tenor & Reinild Mees,
Non più mesta, op. 12 from ‘La
Cenerentola’ by G. Rossini, arr.
F.Kreisler; Caprice no. 24 from 24
Caprices, op. 1, arr. Fritz Kreisler;
Variations on God Save the King,
op. 9; Cantabile arr. G. Kinsky and F.
Rothschild; Nel cor più non mi sento
from ‘La molinara’ by G.Paisiello; Le
Streghe, op. 8 from ‘Il noce di
Benevento’ by Süssmayr, arr. F.
Kreisler; La Campanella (The Bell),
op. 7 from the 3rd movement of Violin
Concerto No. 2, arr. F. Kreisler; I
Palpiti, op. 13 from ‘Tancredi’ by G.
Rossini, arr. F.Kreisler
My Sentiment to the Yangtze River;
Homeland Nostalgia; How Can I Not
Miss Her; The Moon Reflection; Emei
Mountain Air; Tristesse at the
Yangguan Pass (Tunes of Guqin); In
the Silvery Moonlight (Tatar folk song);
The Sorrowful Shepherdess; Mama in
the Candlelight; Gaolitai (Xinjiang folk
song); A Lovely Rose (Kazak folk
song); Swallow (Kazak folk song);
Mayeela (Kazak folk song); The
Running Stream (Yunnan folk song);
Mongolian Madrigal; Grassland
Serenade; Mama in the Candlelight;
Mayeela (Kazak folk song); Homeland
Nostalgia; Gaolitai (Xinjiang folk song)