C H A N N E L o f c h i n a
CCS SA 80106
Ambush on all Sides’
Zhang Hong Yan, pipa solo
CCS SA 80206
Erhu Chant’
Yu Hong Mei, erhu & Wulin,
konghou (chinese harp) & Liu Yin
Xuan, yang qin (chinese cymbalo) &
Chen Zhe, piano
CCS SA 80309
China Connection’
Zen Hu & Ning Feng, violin
Dragon Boat; Falling Snow Flakes
Dotting the Verdant Trees; Moonlit
Night by the Flowery Spring Lake; High
Spring and Pure Snow; Great Waves
Wash Away the Sand; Ambush on all
Sides; The Rising Moon; A Homesick
Song from the War Frontier; King Chu
doffs his armour
channel of china
Idyllic Tune; Weeping River of Sorrow;
Celebrating the Harvest of Grapes;
Ode to Shanmenxia Gorge; Birdsong
echoing in a quiet valley; A Bunch of
Flowers; Moon reflected in the
Twinspring Lake; Ballad of North Henan
channel of china
B. Bartók: Serbian Dance; Scherzo;
Prelude and Canon; Arabian Song
from 44 Duos for Two Violins, Sz. 98,
book IV) •S. Prokofiev: Sonata for Two
Violins, op. 56 •P. Wang: Scene of the
Chinese Village (violin Ning Feng) •P.
Hindemith: Kanonische Variationen für
zwei Violinen •Hu Xiao Ou: Silent
Forests and Raving Wind (violin Ning
Feng) •D. Lazic´: Istrian Dance op.
a •Yang Bao Zhi: Three
Humoresques in canonic form
Song of Emancipation (traditional
channel of china