About DSD

If you are interested in having your DSD files (stereo and multichannel) with complete metadata (.DSF) please go to our new site nativedsd.com

Since February 2012, you can purchase all of our SACD releases in 2-channel DSD format. You can find this catalogue here. And since the spring of 2013, you can even purchase releases in multichannel DSD format, which you can find here. Also, with every DSD purchase, you get the mp3-files of the chosen music for free.

Very few record labels offer their catalogue in DSD format, at Channel Classics we're always on the forefront in our approach within the music industry. We believe DSD is the next step.

For those who are not familiar with DSD audio: it's a one bit, 2.8MHz audio format and the closest digital representation of acoustic sounds available. For more in-depth information about DSD, we recommend this explanatory article from Positive Feedback. 


Channel Classics is working closely with Benchmark Media, exaSound, Marantz, Mytek, Oppo (which has a multichannel DSD-file player) and Playback Designs who have built amazing DACs that will play true DSD files. Please look at their websites to see which model is the right one to use. The price / quality will not disappoint you.

Benchmark Media   exaSound   Marantz



Mytek   Oppo   Playback Designs



Astell & Kern has started manufacturing a new ‘portable’ DAC, the AK120:

Astell & Kern


For using these players, you will need software in your computer that is needed to push the files (and for those that would like to upgrade your existing files to DSD, let us know and we will help you to do this) through the USB to the DAC:

Audirvana (for Mac users)
  PureMusic (for Mac users)

JPlay (for PC users)
  J.River (for PC users)
  Signalyst (for PC users)




Here's just one opinion about Channel Classics releasing DSD recordings for downloading, from Positive Feedback's David W. Robinson: "I recommend the Channel Classics site as a model for DSD e-commerce... other labels should be checking this out very carefully."